Cifas - do not do it


i hope this post can one day reach someone young, i didnt know alot about these scams - ive just seen the ones that come on adverts or online - however my younger brother (21) fell victim to these scams on social media. He kept it quiet for months and was suffering in silence but by the time we found out as a family it was way too late. He committed suicide a few months ago and it has been tough, we found letters from banks that he had applied for and had been rejected stuffed under his bed, to think he was going through this whilst we were all living around him breaks my heart.
he had his whole life ahead of him and unfortunately a mistake he made took something worth much more.
im posting this and i understand it might be triggering but i hope it can reach people who are thinking of taking part in these scams, dont do it - its not worth it, i only know a small amount of what my brother mustve been going through and i cant even begin to imagine what he was actually feeling to take that step


Hi @sxo1 and welcome (though admittedly I wish it were in better circumstances)

Firstly thank you so much for sharing this story and I hope over time the hurt heals. Secondly,
thank you for talking the time to share this so that others can learn from it.

I hope you don’t mind me asking, was it someone posing as CIFAS? I’m not really familiar with these scams.


At a guess, and I’m sure the OP can fill in more, but ‘money mules’ are often used by scammers to move cash around that they have defrauded from others. These are often financially vulnerable people who are told they’ll get £200 or so to get a transfer into their account and send it on or something like that, recruited on social media with ‘earn X really fast’ etc. Of course, they often get discovered by the banks and fraud is reported to CIFAS - with a CIFAS marker you’ll probably be refused even a basic account.

Despite these ‘money mule’s often being recognised as victims by the police and other services, if found the bank is likely to issue a CIFAS marker against them. It’s a cruel system with no accountability whatsoever, despite being a punishment with severe consequences, banks have no obligation to the victim, transparency, impartiality or real oversight like the judiciary would when reporting to CIFAS. It’s designed entirely to protect the banks with the human beings at the other end a very secondary concern.

@OP so sorry for your loss.


yes you’re correct it was the scams of being a money mule - after he committed suicide we had this phone which he left without a password which was so unlike him - we saw everything, the threats, the begging to these people that were supposedly meant to be friends, it honestly haunts me till this day and nothing will ever fill the void of loosing him but i hope if anyone comes across this just please explain to anyone you know whether its a young teen or an adult on how serious this is, im guessing in the end he just felt there was nothing he could do


I am so sorry for your loss, it is a very bad situation to be in. Thank you very much for sharing your story here, the whole community is here to support you.