Christmas payment

Hi new to this community chat so I apologies if this has already been doe q payment on the 29th Dec and would be able to get it early on the 28th, because this is a holiday does that mean I would be able to get it on the 23rd instead

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Hi Marlene & welcome :wave:

The 29th is in the holiday period, but isn’t a bank holiday, so…

  • Payment due on 29-Dec, means you can claim it at 4pm+ on 28-Dec if paid by BACS, with a nice notification from Monzo before 4pm on 28-Dec to claim it early
  • If you are paid using faster payments, you’ll get it when you get it without advanced notice on 29-Dec

Okay thank u, I just thought that if i usually was able to get paid early on the 28th it might have be earlier as the 28th is a holiday lol

yeah, banking only works to your advantage in this scenario when it’s a proper bank holiday, as opposed to a ‘normal’ holiday.

I also agree that every day should be a holiday - like that band :point_left: which are one of the coolest ever.

I don’t think the 28th is a bank holiday, is it?


No, it’s a normal day.


Last year it was a substitute day because both the 25th and 26th were on the weekend. This year just the 27th is a substitute bank holiday. 28th is not. Might be different in Northern Ireland?


Yes the 28th is a bank holiday in northern Ireland

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Is it? - the 27th is a bank holiday, but not 29th or 28th according to this source - Bank holidays | nidirect

If that source is correct and you’re due to be paid on the 29th (and via BACS) then you’ll be able to receive the payment at 4pm+ on the 28th


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