Payment Due Tuesday

Hey all.
I am due a payment on Tuesday, via BACS.
So I know it will be available from 4PM on Monday. My question is, because its a bank holiday in Northern Ireland on Monday will that affect the payment being available early?
I have seen some people say no, and some saying yes.

Monzo are registered in England and Wales so I think it’s going to be Monday as they’d count BHs in England

Yes, but because Monzo make it accessible earlier. I have seen people claiming on social media that the earlier payments are affected due to bank Holidays in northern Ireland. Which is what confused me. Hence the reason for my question.

Are you in Northern Ireland?

Monzo won’t change the payment date but your employer or benefits may. Eg child benefit due for payment on Tuesday will now be on Wednesday if you’re in NI

No, I’m not in NI.
Someone I know who uses Monzo has said their payment was affected by a bank holiday like this too.
Again the payment was due on Tuesday but Monzo’s early payment feature should have made it available on the Monday. Instead it was made available on the Friday before hand.
Which makes no sense. I don’t understand how NI bank Holidays could have any affect on payments here in the UK.

Yeah I think I remember that at St Patrick’s day. It’s not something that was reported before then so it might just have been a mix up with tax credits/universal credit issuing the payments early

It really shouldn’t affect it. Interesting to see if it happens this time. But as I’m in NI my Monday payment dates are all over the place for next week

Not to sound pedantic, nor to try and incite a political discussion in any way, but Northern Ireland is UK

I know that, but do they not have separate bank Holidays to us here in England? I know Scotland have separate bank Holidays to England.

Discussed before, here: Get paid early Northern Ireland Bh

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