Chip the Monzo Card


Throughout the sign up process he is center stage and then bam…he’s gone!

I think he should feature more in the app as he is a good illustration

Some ideas

  • When visiting countries he could appear with a landmark?
  • Declined actions he could pop up when launching the app and say why
  • He could show when you have low funds or going into overdraft

The new Android 9 APIs even allow images in the notification bar so maybe he could appear here too?

Just a thought

(#savetheseabass) #2

His name is Chip :grin:


Ah I guessed he might have had a name

(#savetheseabass) #4

Actually it’s Hot Chip but I don’t objectify Chip in that way…

More Chip would be good, it’s cute


I’ve had my card decided before (I typed the wrong expire date) but I don’t remember seeing that animation anywhere…maybe this is another case of Monzo :heart:️s iOS > Android. Which is silly since more handsets run Android than iOS and other companies are able to make apps that look almost identical on both platforms

(#savetheseabass) #6

I’ve only seen them on blog posts and social media, never in the app (except on sign up)

Isn’t much difference between the platforms at the moment. A few features which are being introduced shortly


Haha. I kinda like the idea of him in different cultural scenes for different countries :laughing:.

Will be interesting to see if he features in marketing when/if Monzo start ramping that up.

However, I think it could be a potentially bad idea if you start showing him off when largely negative things happen…


I am not too big a fan of chip, I would not want him/her in the app for example, and yes let’s have a female chip as well or instead of a male chip! However I think the character is well suited for use on the website. Illustrating travel for example, a chip holding on to the Eiffel Tower or riding on top of a plane, maybe wearing a sombrero…the ideas are endless

(Jack) #9

I love Hot Chip, I like that we don’t see him too often otherwise it’s not a surprise when you do.

Also just noticed the majority seem to call it a “him”.

It would be good if Monzo could clarify the gender of hot Chip just out of pure interest

(#savetheseabass) #10

Surely Chip is just Chip and has no gender?

(Jack) #11

This is my thinking…

(Jorge) #12

It should be Hot Chip clarifying this, not Monzo or anyone else :innocent:


There are real advantages in not clarifying chip’s gender, then they can be whatever the viewer perceives them to be! They can see chip as a man or woman or neutral as per their own frame of reference.

(Jack) #14

I agree, I think it’s best left as it is :smiley:


How did this end up at gender? Bank cards don’t have genitals or a sense of self so I am guessing Hot Chip isn’t a man :sweat_smile:

(Jack) #16

I just noticed some of the posts were calling it “him” and I’ve heard people call it “him” in the past so I was just interested to other peoples thoughts, but I think it’s best left not know / no gender :slight_smile: .

Anyway back on topic… :sweat_smile:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #17

“Hot Chip, how nice to meet you. What may I use as your preferred pronoun?” :monzopride:

(Jorge) #18

Slightly off topic and cool fact: This approach worked pretty well in America in the religious context.
The cornerstone documents of the republic like the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence make religious mentions (known as Civil Religion) appealing to values common to most faiths but without mentioning any faith concretely. This way anyone can see their own faiths represented. I had to study some of this in uni and found it fascinating.

Interesting follow up:

Should Android and iOS have the same UI?
(Alex) #19

Chip is included in 2.2.0 (latest TestFlight) and possibly earlier versions when no contacts with Monzo are found (I do have contacts with Monzo, but it seems to take a few seconds to display them when the app restarts). Would be great to see Chip in more places though, it really helps add personality to the app!

Should Android and iOS have the same UI?
(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #20

Of course, gender is not about how one perceives others, but I get your point.

It would be wonderful for :monzopride: Monzo to have a trans, neutral and/or queer mascot. Happy Pride Month to everyone of all genders!