Should Android and iOS have the same UI?

iOS and Android have many UI differences, I know Monzo is already working towards getting the feature set the same but in my opinion the UI should look and work more or less the same between platforms.

Home Page
iOS - Balance above chart
Android - Balance below chart

Payment page

Other pages:
iOS - Mainly white/grey
Android - mainly blue

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I believe each have their own design requirements when you release an app for that platform; I used to work for an App Developer and they were aiming to get them as close as possible but their are sometimes requirements from the OS manufacturers design brief that stop this from being feasible.


No No No. I do NOT want my Android app made a clone of iOS thank you!



Apps should respect the platform’s conventions. End of story.


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Exactly this.

Using the native mail/messaging apps as an example - this is why you swipe to reveal options on an iPhone and press and hold to reveal the options on Android.

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Missed the point here…

I agree each OS should work the way they are supposed to and respect design elements but… My point was there are inconsistency issues between both apps

Take my main example. Why on Android is the balance below the chart and iOS above??? Why not the same? Just looks odd and also it’s on the monzo homepage glaring at you!!! Why???


Why does the phone app on Android look different than on iOS ? Isn’t it the same app for doing the same things?

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Why does the phone app on iOS look different than on Android ? Isn’t it the same app for doing the same things?

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My point isn’t that they look different. That is fine. Each app should look different. But take the phone app. On both iOS and Android the numbers are in the same order. On monzo the balance is at the top on iOS but a little further down on Android.

Mr Chip is present on the iOS payments page but not in Android??

As far as I can see there is no technical reason for these inconsistencies

See image,w_1952.png

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Mr Chips was on Catchphrase (with Roy Walker)

Chip isn’t on my app and I’m iOS :woman_shrugging:

Loooking at that photo I think the feed items look cleaner on android over iOS.

I wasn’t saying which looked better just that they SHOULD be the same

Chips on iOS

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At the end of the day, if the features of each app are identical, then the UI shouldn’t matter. Those who are used to iOS will want an iOS UI and vice versa for Android.

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Design guidelines often dictate the placement of UI elements as well as how they look. Google’s Material Design guidelines are particularly opinionated (which many of us who appreciate cohesive ecosystems would agree is a great thing). It’s very possible the placing of these elements is different to satisfy one or both of the set of guidelines.

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What difference would that make? Put another way, what is the problem caused by iOS having having the balance on top but it being a little further down on Android?

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I’m happy for them to be the same… I believe the branding should be the same throughout if possible, put the iOS v Android argument aside, as that’s really not important :man_shrugging:

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