Who wants some official Monzo stickers?! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸŽ‰

Some very kind Monzo person on here sent me some stickers ages ago so I’ve had my fix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Since then I’ve been sent some as an apology and some when I signed up to Plus and so on…

The following stickers I’m probably not going to use so I want to send them to people who will.

I don’t want to give them all to 1 person because that would be unfair, so let’s try and spread the :mondo: love :smiley:

I don’t want paying for any of these, but I’ll give you my monzo.me url so if you could just chuck me 50p or something (minimum might be Β£1) to cover the stamp and envelope that would be appreciated but it’s not necessary.

Some people have already said they want these so I’ll give those priority, then it will be first come first serve.

  1. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip With Balloons: @tominniss
  2. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip With Balloons: @jamieps
  3. :no_entry_sign: 3x Monzo Cards: @kolok
  4. :no_entry_sign: 3x Monzo Cards: @nickchara99
  5. :no_entry_sign: Long Monzo Logo: @kolok
  6. :no_entry_sign: Long Monzo Logo: @nickchara99
  7. :no_entry_sign: Monzo :mondo: : @jamieps
  8. :no_entry_sign: Monzo :mondo: : @kolok
  9. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip OMW: : @rasasu
  10. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip OMW: : @tominniss
  11. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip Parachute: : @rasasu
  12. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip Parachute: : @Ancallimon
  13. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip Monzo Sign: : @rasasu
  14. :no_entry_sign: Hot Chip Monzo Sign: : @Ancallimon

Let me know which you’d like!



Were the people who said they wanted some earlier so they can have first dibs :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. Do you need the delivery address. How do I PM the address

pm’d :slight_smile:

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I would like hot chip with parachute, hot chip with On my way and hot chip with Monzo sign . 1 each buddy :slight_smile: thanks

Can I have the table that they’re displayed on? :thinking:

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Sorry you’re too young :joy: :baby:

:cry:It would have made a great table for my toy blocks


Can I get an omw hot chip please if they’re not all gone already?? :smiley:

Can I get a :monzo:, an OMW, and Monzo with balloons, if they’re still available?

Could I get a :monzo: with balloons if they’re still available please?

Just waiting on @jamieps who is the only one left to comment who had first dibs. Will give him until tomorrow evening to reply.

Afterwhich I’ll start working through comments and pms to dish out the rest on first come first serve :+1:

You are a legend. Finally can add rare sticker collections to my MacBook :v:t4::heart:

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The Monzo M if you still have it :grin:

Could I please have a couple of the ’ Long Monzo Logo ’ stickers.

@Ordog Monzo M and Hot Chip with balloons please :slight_smile:

Could I have a β€œLong Monzo Logo” and β€œ3x monzo cards” please if still available

I’d love either (or both!) of the Long Monzo Logo / Monzo :monzo:!

I’d love either of the standard Monzo logos if still available!

Please can I have Monzo logo on it’s own or hotchip with balloons if available.