I’ve sent the check to monzo under tracked 24 to the address listed on there website it’s not the same as the address listed on the app but the customer support is telling me I’ve sent it to the right address under my tracking it says it’s been delivered but the customer support is telling me it hasn’t been delivered and am trying to work out if my chaqe has gone to the right place

i have sent it to ec2p 2su monzo po box 77625

my spelling is not the best apologies

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So this is for a business account?

Is that the format you sent it in because you’ve put the postcode first

If it’s showing as delivered then it could take up to 7 days to be showing as received by Monzo, depending on the cheque backlog

Normally you should expect it to take 4-6 working days following receipt by Monzo to appear in your account. you will be notified once processing of your cheque starts…

When it’s signed for it’s reached security at the front desk, not to Monzo.

You’ll get notified in the app when it’s being processed.

have i sent it to the right address as the address in the app is different

there does seem to be a delay between cheques being received by security at monzo and the cheque processing team receiving them…

address should be okay. its the one listed in the app for cheques to be sent to.


Yes it’s the right address but just all jumbled around. There seems to be 2. The PO Box is new but it’s in the app

Looks like Royal Mail figured it out or it wouldn’t have been delivered

the po box is there old one according to there website ???
that’s why am confused

If you go to the app help section it gives the PO Box as the address for cheques

I’m sure it used to be the one that you got on the pop up

Monzo Help - Paying in a cheque

that’s were i got the address from

but on another page i says it changed
Monzo Help - Monzo’s address

that’s why am confused ah apricate the help btw

Yes that’s their headquarters address

Both will reach them. But they’ve got a special POBox for cheques now which should reduce the chances of them getting lost in all the regular post

Customer support have already told you it’s fine, so it’s all good

ah ok was stressing for nothing then thank you

Give it up to a week and you’ll see it appear in your app :+1: