Cheque written to son, can it be paid in?

Morning all,

An elderly relative of ours has very kindly sent a cheque to our 6 month old son. It’s not a huge amount of money but I’d like to be able to pay it in so I can pop it into his savings fund.

Any ideas if I can send this in using the usual cheque paying in method or is it forever to sit on my kitchen counter? I could always go back to ask her to rewrite but wondered if a solution for this already existed?


If you mean you have a savings pot in Monzo (dedicated for your son) that you want this cheque to (eventually) go into, then I think you are out of luck.

Monzo could only process a cheque made out to the name matching your account (or your partners in the case of a joint account), so a cheque in your son’s name would not be processable AFAIK.

The cheque needs to be in the account holders name so you can’t cash your sons cheque.

See point #2 in the below help article:

I believe this applies at all banks and it would make it even more difficult to argue your case because it’s for a 6 month old. It’s not like they can give you some ID and sign some documents to approve it :laughing:

By far the easiest method would be asking for the cheque to be re-written into your name then simply pop it in the post as per the instructions :slight_smile: