Cheque processing: a bit slow?

(Chris Blore) #41

I posted two cheques on 4th September (in London) and received no information regarding them until 10th September, when messages appeared in my feed (with a typo for one of the names) to suggest that the funds would clear into my account on 17th September.

I had a better experience from Santander when I used to walk into my branch and my balance increased straight away. I know image processing is on the cards for 2019, but at the moment it all feels very pedestrian and actually worse than legacy!


I’ve posted a cheque today special delivery to monzo and see how that goes as I don’t have a legacy account to pay this into.

(Daniel White) #43

I posted one FREEPOST today so we’ll have to have a race!

(Matt) #44

I posted one last Wednesday, not had an in-app message yet, and when I contacted them they haven’t had it yet. Will be using legacy in future, pretty unacceptable to be honest.


I am not bothered about wait it’s only because I get them once in a blue moon.


Very impressed had message to say cheque received today and will clear 17 October.

(Matt) #47

Funny enough I’ve just had the exact same… although they’ve had it since last Thursday :confused:

(Is Santa here yet?) #48

Happy birthday :birthday:


Thanks @Rat_au_van

(Brandon Billingham) #50

I agree it’s a little slow but in all honesty I like the convienence of slinging it in the postbox for free. I rarely get them and when I do it’s a nuisance.

Recently I have been able to use my second account (Halifax) to pay them in via the app which has made it easier as well. When Monzo get there and also have cash deposits I’ll truky have no need for the second account.

(Daniel White) #51

I haven’t had any kind of acknowledgement yet :disappointed:

Could be Royal Mail has eaten it though!

(Is Santa here yet?) #52

Posted one late on Thursday, first cheque I’ve sent so :crossed_fingers:

(Is Santa here yet?) #53

Just got the message in app that they’ve got it. Very nice screen with the in app notification

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #54

Convinced my Mum to send a cheque into Monzo to save a trip to the highstreet :grin: I was heading to the post office today anyway so I figured I might as well :tada:

Hopefully it’ll be smooth sailing :sunglasses:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #55

Update! :grin:

Still a few days yet :wink: but awesome screen!


This is what I use my legacy bank for.

I pay in cheques in town, and funds are immediately available to transfer to Monzo.

(Kolok) #57

Immediate funding on a cheque?

(Jonathon) #58

I know that Santander can get the funds the next day. Don’t know any that do instant!

(Tony Hoyle) #59

Electronic cheque processing should allow it to be available next day… that was the change made when imaging was introduced.

I presume the system Monzo use predates that change, as it takes them a while even after they’ve got the cheque.

(Hugh Wells) #60