Cheque Limits?

I want to put two cheques into my personal monzo account, is there a limit as to what the cheques amount are?

The app doesn’t mention a limit, so I don’t think so.

There’s a limit on, a limit on cash deposits and bank transfer is unlimited.

If you search for “contact us” in the app, you can ask Monzo and they’ll be able to confirm.


How do i have a chat with someone directly from Monzo? im struggling to do it in the app?

He just gave you the steps above :point_up:

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Looks like the context above (:point_up: ) which used to work doesn’t. Now this one does;

  • From the home screen, tap on ‘Help’
  • In the Help Search box, type ‘contact us’ and enter
  • A list of possibles, including ‘Contacting support’ should be shown - tap on it
  • The Contacting support details are shown. In the section ‘Chat with us’, tap on ‘chat with us in the app’
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A more interesting way is to type Coronavirus into help, select the first option, and then tap ‘get in touch with us’ under loans.


I think you got away with mentioning loans …

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I like the freestyle approach. I just got a chat link by searching “I want to rob a bank”.


“Monzo Stole My Money” works, too.


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