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I find that more then anything, this feature is about being inclusive, which monzo prides themselves on. A lot of people on low income or with marginalised backgrounds receive and use checks. It is usually also something you could receive benefits on. Not providing this feature makes monzo less inclusive as a bank.


I haven’t worked for Monzo for over 2 years at this point, so I’m unable to give you any internal insight that’s up to date, but I really don’t believe the research backs that up. While cheque usage may well be marginally higher amongst lower income folks, the fact remains it’s been trending downward in general across the entire populace for many years.

In 2020, cheques accounted for less than 1% of all payment methods used in the UK.

It’s also worth remember that Monzo does support incoming payments via cheque. You simply have to mail them to Monzo. Joining the cheque imaging scheme to make that process slightly more convenient for the small minority of customers that use them, when usage is rapidly trending downwards, just isn’t a great use of development resources.

All development is a trade-off, because no company has unlimited resources. So effectively, by putting resource into something that less than a single percentage point of customers use, is making a decision to not put resource into something that exponentially more customers use.

I’d argue that it’s far more inclusive to actually improve services that affect the majority of customers.


I’m not sure I can get behind your logic here honestly, because to me that seems like the opposite of inclusivity and is a slightly different spin on the strategy of the big high street banks, and it’s that stagnation that led to the gap for Monzo to build something to bridge the widening gap.

I’m not suggesting Monzo should do cheque imaging because it marginalises a few folks. I think you have a solid justification for them not to, but spinning it in that way at the end sort of undermines your argument in my view.


Can you imagine if we took that approach to wheelchair access?


I’d argue that the majority don’t need inclusivity policies.

But that said, there are options available for those who prefer cheque imaging if Monzo choose not to go down that route.


What a poor comparison.


It made sense in my head, but with morning eyes it’s not reading the way that I intended it. The broader point was more that, you still need to prioritise, and there are things that fall under the banner of inclusivity that likely have a stronger case to actually be built than this, given that it’s already possible to achieve what you need to achieve in this instance.


I’m going to repeat the same thing I’ve said countless times in this topic… :sweat_smile:

The more people that take a stand by stopping supporting/accepting this payment type the better. It is dying a death, has no benefits and has been superseded by bank transfer which is superior in every possible way.

Asking for support is only going to delay this further and give the few companies that still use cheques an excuse to not update their systems.


tbh, the first thought that came to mind for me when I read it was oh god is this how the conservatives justify and humanise their treatment of trans folks.

Doesn’t surprise me that someone made the comparison to wheelchair access. I think it’s the initial argument that was poor, rather the comparisons people might draw from it. I think such comparisons just help describe how someone interpreted it.

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I appreciate cheque imaging isn’t going to happen with Monzo and TBH I’m not bothered given how well it works with Starling. Not all companies/institutions are willing to change - DVLA is the example I’ve given previously, I get 2-3 cheques a month from them for reports and they will not change their method even though bank transfer would be more efficient time and cost-wise! However to say bank transfers are superior in every way seems a superlative too far for me - I can easily think of two ways cheques work better. One is giving a deposit that is refunded (eg for a club/society) - far easier to return the cheque to the person when they attend rather than that hassle of doing lots of bank transfers to and fro. The other is relatives wanting to send money as a birthday present - far nicer to get a surprise in a card than to have to get hold of bank details, do transfers etc. I appreciate these are not going to be high volume and paying in by post would work fine for them, but there are definitely use cases where bank transfers are a pain.


Not sure about this being an inclusivity issue, but I don’t think it shouldn’t be viewed solely from the perspective of volume of cheque transactions.

Anecdotally, I’m aware that not supporting cheque imaging has reputational damage - it goes against the idea that Monzo is a technologically sophisticated bank and contributes to the idea that it’s not a ‘proper’ bank. As a result it costs Monzo potential customers who don’t even use a lot of cheques. Hopefully Monzo are considering these factors at a larger scale and hopefully it’s contributing to decision making.


Ironically, the more banks which implement cheque imaging, the more convenient using cheques becomes.


I wish I could tell the companies and Government who keep sending me cheques that actually we’ve all moved on. I’ve opened a FD account just to deposit cheques without letting Royal Mail lose them. Even FD’s mail deposit system is better than Monzo’s - they process it immediately upon receiving it.


Many people haven’t moved on from sending / receiving cheques. So sorry it’s not all as claimed.

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Paywall, I’m afraid. What’s the gist of the article?



Heck, I’ve even sent a cheque to myself via Monzo post deposit for fun before

Do not recommend as it took 7 days to do that :joy:


Christ. :joy:

The person who picked this up must’ve thought wow, what is this guy on.

Unless they don’t manually enter any details and just scan/swipe it. No idea.


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