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Time consuming to do - no. Time consuming for the money to actually arrive to your account - yes. If I clear the check with the Barclays app I will get my money before the Monzo bound check most probably arrived (that is next weekday).


Not wanting to beat a dead horse here, but for me personally, PayPoint for cash and Post for cheques are issues, cheques being a big one. I keep a legacy account open purely for these purposes and then I send the money to my Monzo account.

Monzo’s last update about Cheque Imaging basically we said we don’t deposit enough cheques to make it worthwhile to them, but to me that is because the system for us cashing them is rubbish and I know that other people do the same as me and use a legacy.

My point/question is, would Monzo be prepared to use a reference or hashtag in notes on transcations to see how many people actually cash cheques in elsewhere? For example I have to pay a £500 cheque into Halifax today, If i send it to my Monzo account with the reference ‘Cheque Deposit’, it’s a good indicator what I’ve done, If we get everyone who deposits it like me to do it, maybe Monzo can collate a list of those transactions overall to see a more realistic number?

Just an idea as their number of people that deposit cheques is just not realistic.


I think your point here is what monzo love to hear.

They’re getting all the benefits without the cost and unfortunately as long as thats the case i cant see them rushing to change it.



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Hey there,

Loving my monzo account so far. Just want to suggest this feature. With my previous bank, you could take photos of the front and back of a cheque and it would clear after a few more days. Doing this feels much more secure than posting them.

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I just received a cheque for £80 from BA During their strikes.

I was tempted to post to Monzo but I just do not trust Royal Mail.

Luckily I have the Barclays app and after two photos and 20 seconds I have the money in my account. This was an amazing experience.

Monzo are backwards for ignoring this.


Exactly. Regardless of whether usage levels are particularly high, if the legacy banks have you beat anywhere at all in their offering you need to think hard about whether that’s reasonable.

Speaking more broadly, if you don’t have branches, then you need to make the parts of the banking experience that that impacts upon equivalent or better as a result. That means, principally, support, and functions like cash and cheque depositing.


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I know some banks allow you to pay in cheques through their apps, simply by taking a photo of it. Do you think this could be introduced to Monzo?

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Hm… maybe cheque imaging will be available with Monzo Plus (paid) account ?

In response, yes its definitly something that could be done but monzo have decided its not on their agenda for the following reasons:

  • They have arguable biased statistics to state cheques arent used enough by monzo users to warrant building
  • It would require red tape and integration has to be done within a certain window (which monzo dont like to commit to so far in advance, doesn’t suit with agile development really)
  • At the minute theyre getting too much of the reward for no overhead, people on here keep saying they hate having to put cheques into a legacy bank and then sending it across to monzo ( this is ideal case for monzo)
  • They provide a freepost way for people to deposit cheques so think they have ticked the box enough already for people to be able to deposit cheques if they were solely a monzo user

If they did that it would really annoy me - core banking features like that should be available to all.

Plus Starling are currently building cheque imaging into their app according to their Q&A in October, so would probably not be in Monzo’s interest to paywall such a feature.

Would make sense as it fits with their criteria.

Something that only a minority of people use (infrequently too) and is an extension of something that is already available. So it doesn’t detract from the “core banking experience” because you can still deposit cheques the “slower way” without it :thinking:

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Even if the competition offer it for free?

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Coming soon…
But nothing about fees/charges…


I doubt there will be a charge as other banks offer it for free and Starling have free cash deposits at the post office.

Basically, when Starling finish this I’ll probably open an account with them (I’ve a B account at the moment) for cheque deposits. I’ve not tried their app, but if their budgeting works well the cheque deposits and free cash withdrawals might sway me to start using them.


There’s no ‘budgeting’ to speak of. There’s a monthly percentage tally of different categories but that’s it, and even that runs on a calendar month basis only. Apparently something “better” than Bills from Pots coming, from a Q&A, but who knows?


I’m off on holiday next month, so will try them out for the unlimited foreign spend anyway.

But interesting to hear about the lack of budgeting.

B is my bank of choice at the moment as I’ve had a cheque larger than £500 and wanted to hand it in to an actual cashier rather than pay for recorded delivery.