I have to say in my opinion the nature of chat in Android is a really bad idea.

The coherence between the questions and the answers and the formality of the writing is often quite poor, but having one single unending chat with everything in it, with tiny text area for entry and no search facilities, only serves to exacerbate this severely, demanding great effort to keep track of what was said by whom about what.

I think I remember reading a justification for his somewhere, but it really does NOT work for me to the point of great frustration.


Not only in Android, iOS hot also single chat which I think shall be some kind of split. When issue is resolved than chat shall be cleared and archived. Better will be a ticketing system rather than chat, especially that this chat doesn’t feel like chat bunch more rather a ticket with a response when somebody is available.

I can understand Monzos reasoning behind it but for the few times I’ve needed to contact Monzo I think it’s fine :slight_smile:

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Ring them then?