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(way too long and off the topic intro) Has it finally been enough?.. Monzo wide cards failure, card not working in Portugal just being what I previously simply judged as ‘don’t worry it is a new bank’. Today drastically changed my view on :monzo:. This time we are not speaking about a ‘technical problem’, a ‘nuance’ due to monzo being new, or lack of compatibility with the real world (hello 3D-Secure).

My heart shifts after a disastrous chat - a human error (training? fatigue - it was midnight?). Having had a transaction declined (Thai Airways) we enquired about the cause of the issue. We got the info that our dear friend the 3D-Secure is required on the given website. Well, nevermind.

A couple of minutes later, 2 refunds from AirAsia. Panic.:scream: Did AirAsia cancel our flights? Wait, two different flights?! No email… and then a message from :monzo: .
Wait… they cancelled/refunded transactions? At no point have we asked to have those two AirAsia flights be refunded. Here is the original message (with a picture having Thai Airways written on it!):

[screenshot removed]

Now the question is will they cancel our flights or not?:thinking: Apparently, :monzo: thinks they will simply try to take the money once again. I hope that is true.

After that experience, I believe :monzo: should revisit its procedures. How can somebody on the chat simply cancel a transaction without prior approval from the account owner? :expressionless:

This situation was quite stressful but hopefully, our flights will not be affected.



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Hi @Aleanthor

From my knowledge if an authorisation is refunded the merchant is fully in their right to still receive/take the money and thus your flight won’t be effected. This also goes with what the support chat states.
Expect the money to be taken from your account in a few days time, along with the transactions appearing again.

In my own view it seems as if the team member assisting you made an error reversing the authorisation, maybe getting confused by seeing a recent airline booking and you talking about another one not going through (prahaps because of 3D secure, which is coming within 3 months). What I’ve said is just my opinion based off the info you’ve given. Hopefully someone else can respond to this soon and clarify.

Hope you enjoy your travels! Where are you going if you don’t mind me asking? :slightly_smiling_face::airplane:


@Jackcrwhitney beat me to it but has pretty much said what I was going to say.

I think it’s confusing that the COp rep has said they’ve ‘refunded’ it. Whilst it does probably mean more to the average person it’s not really (what is appears) what’s happened and perhaps they should/could have explained it a bit better, especially if you pushed back and said that’s not what you wanted them to do.

Looks like they’ve removed the authorisation which has made the held balance available to you again. They can still take the money and you need to remember to expect that this will appear (and lower your balance) again.

Hi @Aleanthor, we’re sorry that this has caused you confusion. If you can open a chat again with one of our COps, they can investigate these actions further for you or escalate it to the appropriate people.

As a side note, I’m going to remove your second screenshot from your post as it shows your last four digits of your card. This is generally considered sensitive information as other companies may use “last four digits” as a factor for authentication.

The previous replies are correct; reversing an authorisation is not actually communicated back to the merchant, so it’s likely that if the transaction was approved, that the airline will come and collect it (presentment) at a future date. If you don’t have enough money in your account at this point, the “presentment” may take you into negative balance which you will need to repay.

If you have any further questions or worries, please do chat with us; we hope to regain your trust.


So we’re talking about human error, and misunderstanding/miscommunication?

Sorry it’s happened, but these are all possible at any bank surely?

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Hi there,
Little update. The airline has reclaimed the money so all is paid and there is no issues. :sweat_smile: Thank you for the :mondo: team and other people explanations.
And congrats on catching the ticketmaster fraud so promptly! Gladly I wasn’t caught by it (I haven’t used the website).


Glad to hear!

Good news but I can imagine the worry between then and now. Glad it’s worked as expected for you.