Issue with a dispute!

hello community, I need to know if someone can help me.

before the start of the quarantine, I bought a ticket with a company called “Edreams” (the worst of all) my ticket was left in the air due to all the problems with the company (0 response from them) i talk to monzo claim my money And they told me to make the corresponding complaint showing all possible information about the purchase of the ticket, the flight confirmation and many other images which I have already done more than 1 time. They told me that I would have an answer in a period of 2 to 4 weeks. It’s been almost 2 months and I still couldn’t get my money back, I don’t have the option in the app to be able to chat with them again, someone has some advice to give me (legally if I’m right and I didn’t take my flight which I bought with monzo, they corresponds to return the money)
I really appreciate any kind of help!**


Search for ‘contact us’ in the help section of the app, then there will be an option to chat with monzo.

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It’s possible that they responded to you and you missed the notification maybe? Do the above to open a new chat and you’ll be able to see the history.

Just on this point, was the flight cancelled or did the plane still leave and you decided not to travel because of virus restrictions?

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I did it allready , they hide the option "chat with us " or “contact us”

i do not miss any single notification , i can not open a new chat with monzo , even i rise 2 disputes with the same information ! clearly. and the fly was canceled (date of the fly 05/04/20)

You can call the number on the back of your card

Search for the words and then an article comes up, on that page there is a chat with us button at then end…


You can’t really say that without checking the chat. Follow the instructions @kolok has given you and you’ll be able to see where your dispute got up to and you’ll be able to pick up the conversation again.

Also, what has the travel agent said throughout all of this? Have they been in touch at all or just refused to refund you?