Chase integration

Any idea when monzo plus will support Chase bank?

When Chase allow it. The API is there so it’s on them.

Is it? I don’t think Chase has a standard API?

I meant open banking. That’s there for anyone to join and be a part of isn’t it?

Chase isn’t a fully-fledged ‘bank’ yet - no D/D processing - so I guess they may not qualify for Open Banking access at this point?

(Just a guess)

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They’re not on the open banking list unless they’re a subsidiary?

Ye list

Allied Irish Bank

Arbuthnot Latham & Co Limited

Bank Of Baroda (UK) Limited

Bank of Ireland UK

Bank of Scotland


BFC Bank

C Hoare & Co

Citibank UK Limited

ClearBank Limited

Clydesdale Bank


Coutts & Company

Coventry Building Society

Creation Financial Services

Currency Solutions Limited

Cynergy Bank


FBN Bank (UK) Ltd

Foreign Currency Direct Plc

Ghana International Bank


Hargreaves Lansdown Savings


ICBC (London)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Jordan International Bank Plc

Lloyds Bank



Metro Bank

Mizuho Bank

Monese LTD




Northern Bank Limited


Permanent TSB

Prepay Technologies

Project Imagine

Reliance Bank Ltd


Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited, Luxembourg Branch

Sainsbury’s Bank


SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank

Spectrum Payment Services Limited

Starling Bank

Tesco Bank

The Access Bank UK Limited

The Bank of New York Mellon

The Co-operative Bank

The Governor and Company of the Bank of Ireland

The Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland International

Tide Platform

TSB Bank

Turkiye Is Bankasi As

Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank Ireland DAC

Union Bank of India

Vanquis Bank

Virgin Money

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association


Wirex Limited

Yorkshire Building Society

Edit: In fact, neither are Monzo :confused: even though Monzo specifically mention this website in their blog post announcing that they’re part of open banking.

They are though. They have a banking licence which is what makes something a fully-fledged bank – sure they don’t have the same set of features as other banks, but they are one


Chase aren’t mandated to provide open banking APIs. It’s only the “CMA 9” (the nine biggest banks at the time that the Competition and Markets Authority looked at it) that are obliged to.

Indeed, last time I looked, Chase didn’t have a proper API, just something that looked a bit like screen scraping (which is weird, but hey).

As ever, I’d look to someone like @edo1493 as the barometer here. If it’s easy and available it’ll be in Emma sooner rather than later.

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That’s what I’m waiting for. I’ve had a Chase account since day one but it’s like rewinding to Mon(d)zo pre-paid days. Waiting for full operation is like many a promised banking alternative. Heck, I was waiting for HSBC’s ‘connected banking’ in 2015/2016 before throwing in the towel and jumping fully to Monzo in 2017. Also looking at you Revolut to provide a legitimate, protected banking service…

Why does transparent, digital, inter-connected, fully-featured banking - with the required protection - seem so impossible to achieve?

Monzo is probably the best at this point. Revolut is the dark horse. Starling seems… blah… to me still. Chase? I’d use my unused Ziglu card first to be honest. Everyone else is still in development. I genuinely feel disappointed that it has taken so long, despite exciting developments, to get a PROPER all-encompassing modern-and-forward-thinking banking service together.


Honestly, same.

What’s more disappointing is that the early US upstarts laid an excellent foundation of idea down for others to build upon, but we’ve barely caught up that. At one point or another the founders of each bank made reference to Simple as their inspiration. Monzo perhaps came closest.

I recall from the really early days of our upstarts when the beta software was being closely guarded, someone who had seen both made a post on medium that was rather interesting, though in hindsight, wrong in many ways. Back then Starling were the dark horse and the focus was Atom vs Monzo for many of those following the fintech developments.

This person made a case for Atom being nothing more than a fresh coat of paint on a traditional approach versus Monzo’s approach being a complete overhaul and reinvention of what banking is. In actually I think all we’ve had from any so far is the fresh coat of paint thing, with perhaps a few interesting things tacked on. But none of them really lived up to the promise of reinvention. Though I agree, Monzo is best in this context, they’ve done more to at least try to things better, even if all we ever really ended up with was something different, rather than better or worse.

I’ll try and find it, and update this post if/when I do .

Edit: well that was a quick find!

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Chase DD will be available by end of this month hopefully. If not they are just going to be pure people who opened an acc with them and will close it. That’s a customer lost for 12 months

They have gone so hard on marketing. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise

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This article hasn’t aged well, in how it frames the future of banking via Monzo.

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For me, and until they offer anything else, they’re purely a spending card and only because of the cashback. Otherwise I don’t their proposition particularly compelling.

They’d also have to offer cashback on direct debits as well as being able to pay them from a separate account to justify (for me) no longer using bills pots.

With their speed of development I can’t see it happening anytime soon and so when my cashback runs out, I’ll go back to using Monzo for card spending too.


I’m the same. I do most of my card spending with Chase currently for the cashback, but unless it’s extended or replaced with something compelling by the end of September it’s back to Amex

If only my credit score was good enough to be able to apply for Amex :joy:

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