Can I connect a Chase bank account to Monzo Plus/Premium?

I know that Chase is not listed in the accounts here. But just in case the documentation hadn’t been updated I wanted to ask if one can connect a Chase bank account to Monzo Plus/Premium? I couldn’t find any existing questions/answers to this so thought it could help anyone in the future with the same question. Thanks!

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Chase does not have an api yet for anyone to integrate so until that’s done there is not much monzo can do.




Darn phone typing.


It seems like chase does have an open banking API now: Information for Third Party Providers (TPPs) | Chase UK

Any chance we can get it added to Monzo so I can see my chase accounts?

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I’ve been able to add my Chase bank to the finance tracking app called ‘Emma’.
So far that’s the only app I’ve seen that you can manage a monzo and Chase bank together.

But means that the Chase API does work and should only be a process or working it in and time for Monzo to add.

This is a decision maker for me and choosing Monzo Plus currently.
I wish there was a way in app to see what banks I could connect using Monzo Plus, before paying for Monzo Plus and the faff of new cards etc.

There is.

Can see via in-app compare accounts page:
Upgrade > compare > other accounts in monzo

Can also see via in-app or online help article:
Which bank accounts can I connect to Monzo?

However I do agree these aren’t ideal locations. I think Monzo should really add to the main marketing/product page for Plus, particularly the online one.