Charging woes

Apple iPhones. charge quickly (not as fast as others, but faster than other iPhones) if you use USB-C etc. :slight_smile:

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Paging @AlanDoe - I think we’re slightly off track here…


Sorry I had missed a few replies in the thread, yeah thats a lot of %. Other companies though do tend to hide the wear issue on Android, Samsung I believe gives you a Great/Good/Okay sort of battery status rather than a % and I wonder how many others even show you proper % to know if their turbo charging is doing you many favours which was more my point so even though they do charge faster etc, do people actually have an easy way to get a hard % of battery capacity on mass for it to cause a lot of feedback/reports. I just wouldnt write off it not occurring far more then advertised with those faster Qi chargers because most people dont have an easy way to tell unlike apple where its easy enough and was pretty publicised. I do know other phones shutdown because of heat.

Regarding the wear though I would wonder what Coconut info shows for the full battery cycles as another factor. I dont usually let the battery get very flat due to my limited use of my phone through the day normally but my other half’s battery does get low and she is at 98% although its a trivial amount of wear.
We also actually have fairly slow chargers at the side of the bed which is our primary way of charging.

I do hope apple replaces though as that is crazy wear.

(Hopefully these will be moved out of there soon)

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I’ve been through two different channels, and both say the wear is normal for inductive charging, so no replacement under consumer law/warranty. I am of course free to pay £69 for a battery replacement, which I might cave if I don’t upgrade this year for some reason.

I’m away from my mac right now, so can’t check coconut. Any iOS equivalent I can install on my phone that you know of to gather similar info?

Apple also ran their own diagnostics test on my battery twice. Those results were normal to them.

The thing is, I charged with lightning exclusively (not fast charging, I don’t like it, bad for health) and after that first year my capacity was still at 99%, this was almost nightly charging (my phone could often last 2 days on a single charge). Then I got MagSafe duo when I bought my Apple Watch last year, purely to have fewer wires. And my capacity started dropping percentage points rapidly, and went from lasting over a full 24 hours at least, to lasting less than 12 hours on a single full charge. It happened very rapidly from switching to MagSafe for charging.

I stuck with it because some folks online said they saw similar happen with their devices, and it eventually petered out, but mine is still dropping, and shows no signs of slowing down.

I’m used to having 3/4 year old iPhones with a capacity above 90% and still lasting a day. So to have a not even two year old iphone with a larger capacity, be significantly lower than the iPhone 7 I still have and used daily for 3 years, lasting not nearly as long, with less usage, and that be deemed normal by Apple, is a bit bewildering to say the least. I don’t know if the culprit is the battery, MagSafe, my charging habits or what. Just that the switch to MagSafe is the moment where it started going wrong.

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No sadly.

Just for clarity, I thought you were charging a 13? or is it a 12?
Its just I have seen battery degradation go down more in the second year (not as bad as you have had it though) than the first and when I read that apple batteries generally are X amount greater capacity than spec when new it made more sense, it only starts ticking down from 100% when it goes below spec which would cause extra variability.

Like I say though I dont doubt the extra wear from the heat, my lightning cable is on a 1A usb socket built into the wall socket. My other half uses which I think charges at 2A (my one the iphone connector broke) so that may explain her wear along with battery extra capacity and her higher full cycle count I suspect.

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Mine’s a 12 pro. My friend who is having a similar issue with magsafe duo is on iPhone 13. Sorry for the confusion!

Ah, okay, thanks! As soon as I’m back with my mac I’ll get the data from coconut and share it on one of the iPhone threads!

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there is a way to view it on iPhone without the need of any app…

Settings → Privacy → Analytics

  • Turn share iPhone Analytics on
  • –>Analytics Data
  • scroll down the list until you find log-aggregated (choose the latest date file)

Copy the data into the Notes app or something similar and search for ‘BatteryCycleCount’ and you’ll find the number there

For reference, mines showing 182 358 cycles and 89% health on a 13 ProMax

edit: The cycle count is 358. I didn’t notice but the log-aggregated are also for your Watch (if you have one). Just make sure the os_version at the top says iPhone OS XX.X


Nice tip, thank you!

How long do I need to leave analytics on before the log-aggregated file appears? I don’t seem to have that just from turning it on.

Not sure tbh as I’ve always had that setting on… Seem to get a new file daily during the night

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13 pro max here, bought in early December and still on 100% battery health. Charge lasts me two days and charged on a belkin wireless charging dock thingy. It’s never left on over night, just in evening for as long as it takes to get to over 90% usually.

Based on the filenames of the ones I have it seems to hit at 1AM which may mean midnight GMT.

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Best way to kill a lithium ion battery is to not use it. The only real way to do this is keep it at 0% or 100%.

0% should damage it faster.

The other thing is using it over 35°C.

I’m ex-Apple and I used to give the opposite advice almost every day :laughing:


Also another anecdote with MagSafe. I’m using the 13 Pro since launch. I use MagSafe on and off all day every day (I have a charger on my desk and bedside table). I’m currently at 97% battery health.

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12 Pro Max here. 87% battery capacity and I’ve been using MagSafe more or less since I bought it.

I will likely be upgrading it this year.


iPhone XS on 85%
used both usb C fast charging and wireless since I got it in 2018 at release.

Although unsure if 85% is correct as I’m charging it 2-3 times a day.

12pro - 14 months old - combination of MagSafe and traditional- down to 89%.

My daughter had my old Xs and got a new official battery from Apple store - lost 15% battery health in 6 months. It took me 18 months for same with previous battery.

I was told they expect 80% after 500 cycles. Mine had 900 cycles at 81% which they thought was good - I had to charge midway through a day though which was really annoying.

I always find Apple batteries great for 6-9 months then seem to start really dropping off from there.

iPhone 13 Pro Max 100 per cent still


iPhone 12 on 89%. Still fine for now, will likely get the battery replaced when it dips below 80, at the minute that looks like sometime next year.

My 12 Pro is on 84% :man_shrugging:t3:

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96% for my 13 Pro. Mixture of MagSafe and lightning. I’ve tried to take better care of it compared to my 12, where I was using a cheap wireless charger and it was on and off it all day.

I think it’s worked :man_shrugging:t3:

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