Apple Watch Ultra

Thinking of getting a Apple Watch ultra what are people thoughts on it?

Looks cool but is big and expensive. If you do the sorts of activities they showed in the keynote it’s good, otherwise I’d save the money

All Apple Watches seem to be getting the fancy compass app anyway

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None of us have any more info than you do at the moment so you’ll need to make your own mind up as to whether it is worth it or not.


If you like the latest tech and maybe get a new iPhone every 12-18 months then I can see the appeal.
Possibly push back a future phone purchase?
To buy this instead?

I personally wouldn’t but if you do triathlons or mad into certain sports then I can see how it will be a good edition.

Good luck on making that decision and at least it won’t be the same price as a month of gas in winter.

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I dismissed it without even really considering it originally based on price.

I have a series 4 so figured this would be the year I’d upgrade but when I’ve looked at the cost of the larger sized 8 with cellular (I run and want the option of data / calling without always carrying a phone) then the difference in price is £250.

I know £250 is still a good chunk of money but the price difference for higher quality material has given me food for thought I didn’t think it would…


I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max so definitely won’t be upgrading phone this year or possibly next year as well and currently have a series 4 Apple Watch but maybe think I’ll keep the 4 and wait for the price to drop next year

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I don’t do the kind of sports it’s aimed at so I felt like it would forever be judging me. “We could be climbing a mountain but instead we’re watching Gilmore Girls. Again.” :laughing:

Plus none of my existing bands would work with it. So I’ve ordered an S8.


I usually am the “latest and greatest” buyer but it’s just too expensive and I actually don’t like the design so I’m S8’ing this year.

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I decided to purchase the Apple Watch Ultra and it should arrive launch day. I currently have a Series 4, which has damage from a bike crash last year so wanted to upgrade at some point.

One of the main reasons I got the Ultra was the battery life. It annoys me that the watch currently cant last longer than a day. I also do like the flatter display and larger watch face. The action button will be useful. Whilst I don’t do any of the extreme sports listed for the watch, I do live in a village almost on top of the Pennines. There is a slight change the high decibel alert would be useful if I take a tumble when on the moors.

Is it worth £850? Probably not, but I won’t be upgrading for a good few years (like I hadn’t from the series 4) so hopefully it will retain its worth. If I don’t like it on delivery, I will return it though.


While I hope you really enjoy your Ultra it really needs to be pressed that even my current Series 4 and my partner’s Series 5 last far more than a day - we both sleep track with them.


My Watch 4 battery lasts over 24 hours too, but I’ve just taken a look at the Ultra, and I regularly hike, and dive when I can (PADI Advanced OW) and I’m tempted…


I’m using series 5. While I’m tempted to upgrade, it’s probably not worth it because my current Watch works flawlessly and I’m fine with its battery life. So I’m actually looking for an excuse to purchase the new one :smiley:
A question about the temperature sensor - I think that could be really useful, for example for tracking sleep temp like the Oura ring. But as far as I can see - its main purpose would be to better track women’s health (base temp, ovulation, etc). Any thoughts on this? If its application is limited, it would make less sense for men to buy it.

I don’t think it makes less sense for men to buy it but it might result in more women buying it.

Anyway, we don’t know yet whether it will be limited to women’s health. Apple hinted at other uses for the sensor during the event.

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Gave me a chuckle. This is Apple we’re talking about who aren’t afraid to sell three-four year old hardware at launch day price.

Can I ask how? My S6 barely lasts the day. I charge it for about an hour in the evening, but by the next evening it says charge before sleep…

I think it will still track sleep temperature, although not sure how useful for men

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I really like the look of it, but don’t have much use for it any more. I found my S5 battery struggled when I was doing long distance running, and would need charging before and after to avoid it dying on me. Had I still been doing that kind of running, I might have been tempted.

So instead, I nearly went for an S7 from the refurb store but ended up going for the S8.

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My S5 only just scrapes through the day. I don’t think I use it particularly heavily either.

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Must admit I’m looking at one as I work in a commercial kitchen so me watch get bashed around a bit

Then I especially wouldn’t buy it. Just get an SE with AppleCare+

Unless I misunderstood commercial kitchens and loud SOS alarms and dual-band GPS for pinpoint accuracy is essential :laughing:

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Have you considered the stainless steel ones? Ceramic and sapphire are like magic. Stainless steel is much more durable too.

I have the SS Series 6 and both it and my 12 pro have not a single mark nor scratch on them. I don’t baby them. They get knocked around, banged, dropped. But they’re both still pristine. Aluminium and non-sapphire displays (or phones prior to the Ceramic Shield) never came close to this level of cosmetic durability.

My series 0 Apple Watch back in the day got scuffed pretty quickly, both the casing and the screen, but it was a sports model.

Honestly a bit like an BMW SUV I think the ‘extreme sports’ angle is more to attract people who think about doing those things than people who actually do them. Which is a larger crowd!

Climbing with it on, it’ll get scratched. The 85 decibel alarm is pretty pointless (that’s way too quiet for a personal safety alarm!). I doubt many scuba divers will put their lives in the hands of an Apple Watch and 60 hours battery isn’t enough for serious hikers who also still need to carry a compass (can’t lay an Apple Watch against a map!).

Pictures of people climbing mountains and diving with it is good aspirational marketing, but the crowd is really tech lovers who’ll use it to pay for their lattes :smile: