Apple watch opinions

Tempted to buy an apple watch series 3 (GPS version) and just wanted to hear the thoughts of people who currently have one?

Were you sceptical before getting it?

Currently using a fitbit charge HR, which whilst it’s ok at fitness tracking, it’s obviously short of features compared to the apple watch or fitbit Versa or Ionic.

I have a series 2 Nike+. It’s a great gadget! Paying with your wrist is very convenient and if you do sport it’s pretty useful. However I still find hard to justify the price tag and if it broke today I’m not sure I’d buy one again

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I love my Apple Watch although I have to confess don’t use it for much other than workout tracking. Watch OS 5 is changing that slightly though as the Siri watch face has become much more useful. Got the series 0 watch when it first launched and upgraded last year to series 3

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I have Series 0, I am looking at getting the Series 3 however going to wait now as there will probably be a new watch which means prices should drop.

It’s good for notifications and reading texts etc especially when in meetings.


And news headlines! Especially breaking news


I upgraded from series 1 to 3 and it was worthwhile, the battery life is a lot longer and being waterproof helps.

TBH the greatest thing day to day for me is that it causes me to use my phone less, with a quick glance at the wrist you can see if it’s actually worth opening your phone or not. The fitness tracking is really good as well, although a built-in sleep tracker would be great.

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So much breaking news!

Agree on battery life even working out everyday I can get 2 days out of the watch before needing to charge it

Day/ day and a half at most if you wear it at night to measure your sleep

I mostly use my AW for tracking runs and stuff. In fact haven’t worn it aside from running for about 2 weeks.

It’s really handy for that; I do like it as a casual payment device, and ability to skip tracks etc, but so far some of the things don’t benefit me more than having them on my phone does.

When I was better at tracking my diet, etc, it was really useful for the calorie burning estimates and heart rate data, but I don’t necessarily need it.

That said, with the Series 3 and Cellular data - if Spotify released a AW app that used the cellular data, I would probably upgrade.

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It does work wonders with Apple Music. I switched and I couldn’t be happier. The AW + Apple Music + AirPods is a fine combo

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I couldn’t quite get on with Apple Music. I did trial it for a little bit and I couldn’t get used to it.

Maybe I’m just too old and stuck in my ways!


Don’t get me wrong Spotify is cool also but it doesn’t run as smooth with Apple devices. I found some apps very useful to export all my playlists (I had Spotify for over 4 years)

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Same here! Always been a Spotify fan. There is some integration in to the watch you can use the now playing all to skip,pause and control volume and you can also like songs on it. Think there’s some playlist control too

Not sure how it works with Spotify now. This pics are with Apple Music. You can skip, pause, adjust volume, choose output device and like/dislike so that you get finer music imageimageimage

Best thing of it all is that if you download some music into your phone it gets downloaded on your watch too (I think it has 5gb) so you can listen to it even if your phone isn’t in range


Good to know, recently switched from Deezer to Apple music (mainly for Siri usage when driving)!

If you have a friend with an AW just ask him to let you toy with it for a wee while :stuck_out_tongue:

I do… just annoying that I don’t see him very often.

I’ll probably end up buying it, just wanted some more feedback :smiley:

It’s definitey a great gadget. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it :slight_smile:

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I use mine for notifications - I wouldn’t be able to live without now. I pretty much never take out my phone anymore as a quick glance on the watch is all it takes to tell whether the notification is worth dealing with now or if it can wait.

Fitness tracking is fine too, it always works in the background and doesn’t seem to affect the battery life. Now I’m not sure how it compares to specialised devices like FitBit as I’m not really a heavy user of these features - I’m more of a “drinks” person than a “gym” person.