Charges abroad

Hi - I have a really simple question.
I went abroad a few days ago (Poland) and wanted to withdraw around £30. I went to 3 ATMs: Santander, Polish PKO Bank and Euronet which is always free. In every case I was prompted I would pay 13PLN for a withdrawal.

My boyfriend who had a Revolut with him tried the same ATMs and wasn’t charged anything.

At the end I had to either ask him to withdraw money from his Revolut and I’d transfer money back to him or use my Barclays card. I was still charged by Barclays but it wasn’t as much as when using the Monzo card.

Is it because a Revolut card is a Visa and Monzo is a Mastercard?

Thanks for any replies


Someone mentioned this in the Poland thread. The MasterCard/Visa difference sounds likely? Don’t know why it’s changed recently though.

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