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Poland uses Polish Zloty, PLN.

Price tags often use “zł” as currency acronym, for example 5zł or 10zł/kg.

Monzo users pay the Mastercard exchange rate with no added fees.

Card usage

Chip+PIN payments are universally accepted in any POS and majority of retailers will accept contactless payments. Note that you will have to give your card to the cashier in many cases for chip transactions.

Card payments widely accepted in shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, bakeries, ticket machines, train stations.


Highly recommended - Euronet ATMs are very user friendly, give an option to use English language and allow to decline their currency conversion.

ATM are easy to find, especially in city centres. Most ATMs do not charge any fees (if you have more info, tell us!).

Please note that it’s common for ATMs to be inside bank, so you have to actually walk in. :slight_smile:

Payment and withdrawal limits

In the event that you do use Contactless payment the limit is only 50zł (about £10) and any payments above this will require the entry of a PIN.

All Monzo cards have some payment and withdrawal limits. To check yours before you leave, go to your Profile section of the app and tap on Limits.

Crowdsourced merchant data

As a less popular tourist destination than many countries, the Monzo merchant data is sometimes incorrect (eg. the map shows the wrong location or the name of the place is not correct). Please submit improvements to this data so it can get better for future visitors.


Certain taxi companies in bigger cities slowly started to accept card payments.

Traditional open air markets and other types of street vendors rarely accept card payments.

Users reported cases of dynamic currency conversion or eService Payment Acceptance selected as default. Please insist on paying in PLN whenever possible, otherwise you are missing out on nearly unbeatable Monzo’s Mastercard currency exchange rate. :slight_smile:

Pay at the pump Shell station was reported as working fine.

Offline terminals are uncommon.


Euronet ATMs now charge 13 PLN for cash withdrawals. Have spent August bank holiday weekend in Kraków.

In Poland now. Monzo (and particular bill splitting) has been a godsend!

Heading to Wroclaw next week

Intending to take minimal to no cash

Will update how I get on :no_good_man:

I just had a week in Krakow! Most places accept card, but card terminals will ask you to choose currency or whether to accept a conversion - all in Polish, usually!

If you don’t select one of the options in a couple of seconds, they seem to automatically choose the more expensive GBP. From my experience, pressing the top left button or cancel on the terminal will get it to charge in PLN.

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I stayed in Wroclaw and had no problems at all with my Monzo card! Didn’t use any cash at all :smiley: Enjoy your time there - it is a great city.

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Used my monzo card when I travelled to Krakow in January and encountered no problems with card payments, I did withdraw cash however the atm gave out large notes which shops refused to take and had to get them changed down at a money exchange place.