Buying a car with credit card?

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Just looking for a bit of clarification and people’s thoughts on this.

I’m going to buy a car over the weekend for around £3000 and I’m wondering if there’s any benefits or cons to buying it on a credit card (Amex if it makes any difference)

I could pay by cash but I’m by thinking I could pay it on my credit card and earn 1% Cashback as a nice little bonus and then pay it off at the end of the month. But, I’m unsure if there is any other benefits & does S75 apply to this?

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You may be protected under S75 according to this article:

Also check the terms of your particular Amex card as it’ll detail what cover they provide outside of S75.

I don’t see any harm, and the cashback will be rewarding.

As stated, you get more protection under s.75

As long as you pay at least £100 on a credit card, you will be covered for the full value under Section 75.

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I usually save up and then I pay for anything over £100 on a credit card. Straight away I will pay the balance. Section 75 is just so invaluable unlike debit card chargebacks which can give loopholes to banks because it is not a protection in law.


Why would you not put it on the credit card?!


If you could pay on cash why not buy on card and pay it straight off?

Check you’re not paying a fee for credit cards, my last car had a £250 fee to use a credit card but they waived that after enough back and fourth

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That’s not actually correct.

As long as the value of the item is at least £100 (and under £30,000) you could pay 1p on the credit card and you’d be covered.


The misconception is that you have to pay over £100 to be covered… You don’t! The goods must cost more than £100 to be covered, but as long as you pay £1 on your credit card & the rest as you please (cash, debit, bank transfer etc) then you are still covered

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Yes, sorry you are correct :+1:

The perils of misreading documents quickly!

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Most car dealers won’t take more than £1000 on credit card. Just a thought

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If you get rewards on your credit card, and you can pay the balance off in full (or can balance transfer it to somewhere offering you 0% for 12 months or something) so you don’t end up paying interest, then why wouldn’t you use your credit card!

The extra protection is a nice bonus!