Chargeback, Mutliple Cards?

I’m considering doing a chargeback with On The Beach as i’m still waiting for a refund, 3 months now.
Wondering how it works if i made payments to them with multiple cards. I paid the initial deposit on my monzo, then a few bigger instalments on a credit card.
Can i still do a charge back for the full amount with Monzo or no?

I think as long as a certain amount/% was on the credit card, they’ll chase for the whole thing.

I’m sure I read that on here somewhere.

Ye, i think with credit cards, as long as it’s £150+ you can do it. But does that mean i can do it with EITHER and get the full amount back or do i have to go with one over the other.

If you mean a Section 75 claim, then the amount paid must be over £100 and under £30,000.

It should be easier and quicker to make a Section 75 claim (credit card companies have deep pockets and are legally jointly responsible for the provision of the service, whereas banks are basically doing you a favour by initiating a chargeback).


Yep, just found this answer on money saving expert. Exactly what i wanted to know. Basically charge back you have to go to each bank or to receive the payment you made from them. Section 75 you can claim back the full amount regardless of what you paid on the credit card as long as you made a payment with it. Thanks.

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