Chargeback against Loveholidays

Hi has anyone had any experience of a chargeback ?? Mines been going on since March and I feel like I’m not getting told anything !! Loveholidays have disputed the charge back on 5th June but all I’m getting told is monzo are reviewing evidence !!!

Could be that’s all they are doing. :man_shrugging:

This is worth a read

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There are a few existing threads on the process. The Search function is fairly good.

Yes I’ve had a look but can’t really find any answers !! I put the chargeback with monzo on 27th March but due to the pandemic this didn’t get put forward to mastercard until May !!! 45 days up 15 June but love holidays have disputed I have given all evidence and don’t know what happens next :thinking: I’m basically left hanging with no information !!! If anyone can advise the process that would help x

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If they have disputed, Monzo have to dispute, and the fees keep going up until someone admits defeat essentially

I am surprised they disputed (assuming that they cancelled the holiday due to covid and not yourself cancelling)?

They are a terrible company I will never use them again worst thing is it was for a stag party my daughter was due to marry yesterday and now changed to next year so need to get everything for stag/hen parties rebooked but not through love holidays xxx

A lot are doing this. STA Travel disputed my dispute with Amex and the dispute got overturned because sta had issued a credit note

I am curious about how many banks don’t dispute back then. Because everytime anyone disputes the fees go up

I believe they start at about €25

Did LoveHolidays cancel the holiday? Or were the flights etc still operated?

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Hi Loveholidays cancelled all travel arrangements due to coronavirus at the end of March and still no refund as per the ts and cs xxx

I think the problem I have is I have no updates from monzo I don’t know what to do and if you look at trying to get the money back a different way.

An update would be nice though rather than just been kept hanging !!

They have 45 days to respond from when Monzo raised it with MasterCard

They can refund or dispute

If they dispute Monzo can dispute the dispute.

What is it you want from Monzo? I would only message after the 45 days has passed

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I can’t see your specific case but at the moment it sounds like we’ve given you all the information we have.

Unfortunately like everywhere else were processing much higher number of chargebacks than normal because of the pandemic and so it’s taking us longer to process them all.

Chargebacks do take time, and there’s no appeals process so it’s better for us to take a bit more time to review everything and provide you with the best chance to get your money back.

We are doing our best for our customers and I’m sorry for the frustration :hot_coral_heart:


Yes I’m aware they have 45 days which has well and truly passed dispute started 27th March !!! I want a full update of what is happening and not just a bog standard reply of we’re reviewing evidence And we have been inundated with disputes !! I don’t think as a customer that is a lot to ask :blush:

All I’m asking for is someone from the disputes department to contact me with an update !! When someone comes on from monzo and tells me they can’t see my case that makes me worry :flushed:

Of course he can’t see your case as he’s replying on a forum and hasn’t looked at your account

Did you ask someone in the in app chat for someone in the disputes team to contact you?

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I’d have thought it would have been reassuring. The last thing I want is for Monzo staff to be able to access my records through my forum identity!!


So is it 45 days from then?

Ranting on here can’t get you help any quicker, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for Monzo respond.

I am not ranting I originally asked if anyone had ever done a chargeback so I could get an idea !! All I’m saying is as a customer I’d like to be kept up to date with info I’ve asked on chat for some one to advise me from the disputes team I was told someone would within 24 hours this was 3 days ago and still nothing !!!