Chargeback against Loveholidays

Okay but nobody here can help you !! So you’ll just have to wait for chat to respond eventually !!

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I was under the impression the 45 days was from when they first disputed !!!
You are asking me the question what I’m trying to get the answer to but no one can tell me I don’t know if it’s another 45 days now there’s no info anywhere on what happens once the company disputes the dispute of that makes sense !!

This is how it works

The date you contacted Monzo and the date it was raised may not be the same

Mine was raised nearly 2 months after I messaged Monzo to raise one

You should have been told when we initially started the chargeback process that it can take up to 3 months for it to be resolved.

As others have pointed out - I’m just posting on the forum and so I don’t have access to your account which is what I was referring to. I’m not at work until tomorrow night - I’m just posting here while I’m doing the ironing :joy:

If you’ve been told that we’re reviewing their response then the disputes team won’t be able to give you anymore detail.

We aim to respond within 24 hours, but as I said we’re seeing a really high volume of chargeback requests as lots of people are in the same boat as you. It really sucks, I know because I too had my holiday in May cancelled! We are working as fast as we can, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that all chargebacks go through and are ultimately arbitrated through MasterCard. The same applies to all banks who issue MasterCard cards, so they’re also seeing unprecedented levels of chargeback requests too.

The posts that other forum members have shared above, including the one from Rika have a really good explanation of how chargebacks work. Hopefully that will explain a few things but basically once we submit it to MasterCard we get the same updates that we pass onto you, and no more.

Whenever we know anything for certain we reach out and let you know, but that’s usually when you’ve either won or lost the chargeback because until that point we’re relying on MasterCard to update us.

I hope this helps.


Hi Dan,

The dispute was raised March but went to Mastercard in May 45 days was up 15th June but Loveholidays disputed on 5th June :exploding_head:

What I’m trying to find out is what happens next Monzo have said they are reviewing all evidence I’ve sent in canx invoice,ts and cs etc etc but from what I can gather off different chats love holidays are been very underhand a lot are having to go through something called resolve !!

When do you think from experience I should hear something or does the dispute start again so another 45 days…my friend did the same as me but with a high street bank and got her money back straight away where as today it has now been 3 months since the whole process started xx

Hope your enjoying ironing :joy::joy:

I don’t think there is any need to be slightly patronising in a response…

I came on here looking for help with it been the monzo community not for patronising comments :exploding_head:

I know we are in the middle of a pandemic everyone has been affected in there own way so please if you do not have any advice regarding this post please don’t waste my time in commenting.

Luckily Dan has explained more to me and I’ve replied to him.

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Thanks xx

Thank you that explains about the arbitration which is the bit I didn’t know about xxx

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3 posts trying to help you !! Nobody here has access to your account and you seem to be selectively reading people trying to help you !!!

I’m making some assumptions here, so bear with me!

So if they disputed on the 5th June and provided evidence then once we’ve reviewed it and told MasterCard we want to continue to dispute then it basically starts the clock again in terms of the 45 days.

I think this stage is called second presentment, ultimately it sounds like the dispute is likely to end up in arbitration with MasterCard and then they make a decision about whether you’re entitled to the money back or not. (I’m not making a judgement here, but it really is out of our hands).

Again, due to the number of claims it might mean that the 45 days could take a bit longer as I’m not sure how quickly MasterCard are able to get through them.

Thanks Dan,

That’s what I wasn’t sure about if the 45 days starts for a second time !!!

Thanks for giving me an idea of the process :hugs:

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