Changing start date - post update

(Jade) #1

I see a new update has happened over night which is allowing people to change the date there spending tracker starts and ends. However they have made this update reliant on a payment.

Do you not think it makes more sense to freely be able to edit and change this date? (Without relying on a payment)

Does anyone else agree with me?

Blockquote I get paid into another bank account that allows me to have an overdraft. Then transfer a set allowance and use Monzo to track my spending on the little things. This way being able to work out my monthly limits for different occasions. However this is not 100% true as I get paid on the 25th of the month so the end and beginning of the month overlap.


Yep, agreed.

I can see why it currently depends on a payment as it means people don’t have to remember whey they are paid and it makes the whole thing seamless to set up.

However, as a freelancer, the dates of these payments in my case vary wildly. I’d very much like to simply set a date for the month to start.

So, if we could have an update to that screen that says ‘choose a payment, or a date’ that would be excellent!


Although the issue for a lot of people is they don’t get paid on the exact same date every month. I get paid on the last working day of the month. So it can be the 31st, 30th, or even the 29th/28th depending on how the weekends fall.

It doesn’t seem that difficult just to add a feature where people can just choose their dates, but obviously it must be as I don’t see why they would not have done it that way.