Free-form budgeting period

I am finding the budgeting functionality great for myself and knowing if I am on course for keeping in budget. One bugbear I have is that a salary cycle is not always a true month - for example, in July payday was 27th, in August it is today - this happens more than once in the year so i would like to set both the start and end date of a budgeting period manually.


Completely agree. When you get paid on the same date each month (i.e. 25th for me) that jumps around a lot because weekends get in the way moving it often comes forward by 1, 2 or even 3 days with bank holidays. If you could just enter the dates you want for the budgeting period each month it would be brilliant. Even better would be if you could enter your pay date and it could auto-calculate the true pay day (taking into account weekends etc).

This has been requested a lot before and if I remember correctly Monzo are going to work on it :soon:

A good example would be people like myself who get paid on the last Friday of the month so it always varies. For the time being you just need to manually set your payday each month.

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This was covered recently in the Summary - Feedback thread thread.

@Feathers appeared to find a way around it.

I totally agree As I am on a 4 weekly pay Rota

Hopefully this will come soon - we get paid on the Thursday before the last Friday of every month…that is NEVER an option in any finance apps! :upside_down_face:

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Its in the what’s coming next section in the end of the big list blog post:

Help you budget and track your spending in a timeframe that suits you, and reduce the need to update Summary every time you’re paid

Watch this space!

Nice one, thanks Andy. I always forget about the big list!!

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