Change start date no finding my payments


I recently set up a Monzo account and I’m having trouble with the “Change Start Date”. I initially went to my bank and set up a payment, which was £600 into my Monzo account. From there, the date of this payment was set as my budget start date. Since then, I have used the RBS app to make a few £50 payments to top up the account. These later payments have not shown up in my Change start date payments, and when I click the “My payment I’m looking for isn’t here” it takes me to a pretty irrelevant page asking me to add my salary (something I can’t do as per mortgage agreement with the bank I am with).

I’ve set up a standing order for a set amount to be transferred from bank into my Monzo acc on payday, which I’d like to be the start date, but I’m worried this isn’t going to appear, making the start/end date arbitrary as it won’t align with my payments.

Am I doing something wrong by transferring this cash from my account? Will a direct debit show up even when payment’s don’t?


Only payments over £200 can be used as a salary payment to change start date


Ah, perfect! Didn’t know this. Makes sense… Thank for your prompt reply.

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