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(Tom) #1

Hi all,

Any plans to be able to change the date of ‘spending’?

For example; i get paid on the 15th of each month so the way things get broken down by calendar month is pointless for me.


(Alex Sherwood) #2

This is a popular request, which has been discussed here -

a solution is being worked on -

although we’ve not heard any timescales for when this might be available yet…


and apart from monthly some people get paid weekly, fortnightly, or four-weekly, so it should not be constrained to only monthly

(Simon Tomes) #4

Fantastic idea, @TJW!

I was just about to post this idea and see there’s also demand for it elsewhere too, nice! I’ll go ahead and post here to provide Monzo with further information:

Set a start of month date to align spending with an important external date

Right now my brain has to think about two “budgets”:

  1. The monthly spending target on Monzo (which resets at the 1st of every month)
  2. The month after pay day (currently 18th of every month)

It feels like there’s an opportunity to resolve this disconnection and make Monzo even more useful!

I’d like to set my start of the month based on my pay day date. This way I can align my pay day with my Monzo spending.

For example: Instead of viewing October and then November on the Spending page, I view a split month e.g. October 18 to November 17 then swipe to view November 18 to December 17 etc

Perhaps this idea will become more important when current accounts are available. I’d still find this extremely useful with the pre-paid card.

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