Changing tracking from a calendar month to your salary month

(Michael Amaning ) #1

I get paid on the 25 of every I think so being able to track my spending from the 25 th to the 25th would make my tracking much more accurate for me.
Is it possible to do this?

(Marcel Ruhf) #2

Yes, this is possible by going to the app’s settings, “Monzo Labs”, then enable Summary. You can then set a start date from the Spending section of the app (by tapping on the top right on the Summary screen).

(MikeF) #3

I’ve tracked my salary by month for years and even when my pay date changed to 26th it was easier to carry on. Now I actually can track it by date it’s something I’m having to adapt to more than I thought I would need to.


Thank you.

Now the app is even more useful than it was before because I too get paid 25th of the month (except Xmas of course - never quite sure why work picked a date with a guaranteed bank holiday each year lol)