Changing scheduled payment day bug

When use the get paid early function in order to conduct my finances and get everything sorted automatically into my pots i have to go into scheduled payments and edit the payment date to todays date so the money moves, annoying i have to do this. I would set it to the day before payday but as i cannot get paid until 4pm cannot risk finds being moved until I i actually get my pay. When i change the date of the money that goes into my pot it amends my payment from my set amount which is £1245 to £1 just for changing the date.

Details to reproduce:
Pot scheduled payments, change the date to he the day before so it used the get paid early finds but once you confirm the new date it changes the payment amount from what i set to £1.

IOS 17.4.1

iphone 14 pro max

App Version:


This a very long winded way of doing what you want to do ie move funds into pots.

Could you not just have the name as “Pot - £1,245” and then just add the payments manually every time you use paid early?

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I personally wouldnt use pay early if I felt the need to go and start amending scheduled transfers.

Why cant the scheduled transfers be set 1 day after your payday? Then you can simply leave the money and dates all in place


You both raise good points, I guess it would just be nice if the feature was a little more streamline with the other features of the app but doing what you said is just fine also. Thanks

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