Ability to edit pot scheduling

TL;DR - It would be great if we could edit/move pot schedules without having to delete the pot and start again

I get paid on the same date every month, so I’ve set up schedules for my salary to go into various different pots on that day.

This is true except for when that date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, when I’ll instead be paid on the Friday.

This means that none of my schedules will be actioned for 2 days. I don’t fancy having my balance sat in my account for 2 days, especially not on Friday or Saturday night! So what do I do? I manually move it all into the pots.

But now of course my pots will still try and take the money on Sunday!

With that said it’d be nice if I could change the rule to now start from next month instead, skipping out this month. At the moment the only way I can think to do this is to delete all of my pots and set them up again!

Thanks guys

So dont worry. You don’t have to go this far. You do however need to delete and recreate the scheduling.

New nav: it’s under payments and then tab across to scheduling.

Now the old nav I’m not so sure I remember, but it’s in a similar place.

Once deleted, go to the pot and add money to it instead of clicking through though look for set scheduled payment and reset the schedule to suit there.

It’s not quite what you’re after but less dramatic then having to nuke all your pots.

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Ah awesome, thank you! Saves me a little bit of time atleast.

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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