Set a time on scheduled payments to pots


So I have direct debits come out on the same day my monthly salary comes in. However, often I will use the earlier feature.

I have pots set up and one is a billing pot where my direct debits come out. I have noticed the direct debits come out of the account before the scheduled payments happen which makes that feature void for me. I was suggested to change the direct debit date but I prefer this to be on the date I get my salary. It would be good if we can also set a time for scheduled payments or perhaps change the process of the timings of the default scheduled payments so the monies are moved first before direct debits are taken.

If I was to change the scheduled payments a day earlier because I will use the early feature, it wouldn’t work as that is 4 pm and the scheduled payments occur around 3 am overnight. Hopefully this makes sense!

You could use salary sorter to add the money to your bills pot when you get your wage

Still manual but once set up it’s pretty quick


Indeed, I use this for the time being but I think this feature I have suggested would make things better. Not a real issue of course, plenty of other priorities but perhaps the logic of timings of scheduling and direct debit timings were forgotten but easily done. Definitely makes sense to add custom times or make changes to the current timings :slight_smile:

My DDs come out on 1st of every month, and I get paid on 1st of every month.

As such, I don’t bother with the Bills Pot.

Why put money in to it on the day it’s going to come out again? Is it because of your use of the earlier feature? If so, how often do you get to collect it more than 9 hours before it comes in anyway?

My income arrives at 1am, my DDs always an hour or two later.

Stops loads of unnecessary double entries in your feed too.


Or even just adjust the ordering of the automated transactions so that main balance → pots happens after account credits and before account debits.

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Didn’t know that was possible, where can that be switched?

And how would you do that?

You can’t, it’s a suggestion of a different (possibly easier to implement) solution for the shared pain point.

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… OK then. I had my hopes up there.