ATM Queries

Just got my current account card a couple of days ago, I can’t remember this behaviour from my prepaid card and just wanted to check…

  • PIN Change - I’m sure I got a notification when I did this on my prepaid, but when I changed the pin on the debit card, there was no notification.
  • Balance Check - I requested a balance and got a notification on my phone for a transaction of £0.00 from an ATM

Thought I’d mention these.

This is a known issue and is coupled with problems displaying some transaction names :slight_smile:

A fix has been promised soon…

Did the balance check come up as don’t banks get charged for customers checking balances? I’m sure I read that cashzone do this as a default to generate more money.
I’ve just worked a 12 hour night shift so can’t find the article.

I just got my card through the post and went to my nearest ATM (a Barclays branch) to change my pin and check my balance. I received two notifications for withdraws of £0, one for changing the pin and one for checking the balance.

Yup. As I said, these will be changed to actually show the action (balance check/pin change) along with fixing other issues with displaying transactions

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