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Hi I’m Marlene, just new to monzo, waiting on my new card…just wondered if I needed to change the bank details of my benefits or is that done during the changeover

If you have initiated a formal switch into Monzo (the one with the official logo, below) your benefits will be changed over automatically.

However, with something as important as benefits, why wouldn’t you make completely sure by informing the government departments yourself?


Never had a problem with universal credit they even send a email asking to check that the new details are correct

With the CASS guarantee, I was under the impression that not only do they let anyone paying into your account know that you have new bank details, but they redirect incoming payments to your new account automatically.

As far as I understand it, if payments to your old account number keep coming in, the redirection never stops. It only stops if there are no payments to your old account for 13 months. I believe this applies to all banks that use the CASS.


This. For 3 years I believe.


Apparently this has now changed to be a minimum of 3 years, but it goes on if payments keep coming to the old account, until there has been a 13-month period without any payments going to the old account.


:grimacing: You trust them enough not to botch it? I’ve heard from friends that manually swapping where your benefits are paid can introduce problems. One had her payments stopped with no notice, and it’s because all the agent did the first time was cancel the payments to her old account, and never set the new ones up so they had nothing on file for her. Took them a month to sort it and backdate payments.

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Id have thought changing your details would be a simple online form in 2022. :exploding_head:

Looks like you have to call them.

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Nothing is simple when it comes to government especially when it involves benefits


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