Payment details updates from Payee's CASS change

Does Monzo receive updates when the payee’s bank changes due to CASS? Reason I ask is that twice recently I have noticed that one of my standing orders has not updated to show the new bank details after the payee has changed their bank.

I can do it manually but I would have thought it would happen automatically as part of CASS.

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All payments will be redirected so there shouldn’t be any need to change them (unless you pay them less frequently than once every 3 years)


This :point_up:

But I also was under the impression it updated old details but maybe I’m making things up :eyes:

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They are informed when there’s a change to details and should update when they receive them. Some will generate a new direct debit and some will update the details on the existing one

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I am referring to Standing Orders here not direct debits. I have a repeating weekly payment and the bank details should update after a payment is made to a closed account. I thought BACS were supposed to advise Monzo of the new details, I maybe wrong.

Certainly when I switched to Monzo my employer was advised as they asked me to confirm the new bank details as I didn’t tell them.


As far as I know CASS only notifies companies with an active Direct Debit mandate on the switched account; otherwise there would be too much noise on the network as every single bank would be notified of every single CASS switch (even for other bank’s customers) just in case one of their customers had the person in their payees.

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My understanding was that when a payment was made to an old account then BACS would know about it and send a message to the payer’s bank saying these are the new details you should use.



Agreed. Some clarification here from the CASS service would be good. Although ultimately if all payments are being redirected all the time it’s not an issue.

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