Benefit payments query?

Currently switching my old account to Monzo,will all my benefit payments transfer no problem(UC and ADP)?
And do I have to inform them of change of bank account .Thanks!

Technically you shouldn’t have to, but i would ring them up or change it online if you can

Monzo, does this thing where it sends a letter automatically (Or maybe it’s the old bank) Telling them that the money has been redirected and please update the bank details. You hold onto this person.


It’s worth updating them directly just in case.


That’s part of CASS - it’s done automatically, as part of the FP or BACS spec (I assume). I’ve seen the payee bank details change before my eyes in the Starling app when I’ve paid somebody who has switched via CASS.


Thanks for the clarification Mike. I may have got confused with something else


Many thanks! your help is appreciated. :+1: :+1:

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Good question. I think they say your payments will transfer over without any issues for 3 years, but when it comes to money being paid into your account I would definitely ring benefits/employers to update your bank details. You never know when systems might go down :face_with_peeking_eye: