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Just looked on my Metrobank account online and saw that the test transfer from Monzo CA to that account shows my full home address and postcode even though I did not use it as a ref!

Is there anyway of stopping this as I don’t really want my info going out with my bank transfers…

(Rika Raybould) #2

Hi Danny!

Thanks for flagging this, I’ve just confirmed it with my own Metro Bank account.

I’ll do some reading, ask around, and see what we can come up with about this. I’m aware that Metro Bank’s display of inbound Faster Payments can be a little verbose at times! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Matt Heath) #3

Hey Danny! :wave:

Sending the account holders’ address is actually a part of the faster payment specification (which I had the lovely privilege of implementing! :wink:). I’m a little surprised that this is shown on Metro Bank, as the fact it doesn’t for other transfers indicates other banks aren’t populating these fields :thinking:

Thanks for flagging it though! We’ll query why it’s shown, and confirm that we should indeed be sending this.

(Herp Derp) #4

Hi Matt,

It doesn’t show when I transfer from Metro to Monzo though…

(Matt Heath) #5

That doesn’t mean we weren’t sent it though - just that we choose not to show the originating customers address, which for us is a product decision :slightly_smiling_face: Mind pinging support (ask for me!) and I can have a look to see what we received in the morning? :male_detective:️‍♂️

(Herp Derp) #6

Ahhhh fair do.

I actually made the payments 03/10/ and 05/10.

I’ll go on now

(J) #7

I’ve just noticed this, transfers from Monzo to Metro show the first line of my address. Monzo to Barclays do not show my address.


Would it be possible to get access to that data through the API?

(Andrew Schofield) #9

Hmm, I raised this issue back in August in the dev slack channel but I’m afraid it was largely ignored :roll_eyes:

Starling and Monzo both send the full address in their FPS messages, and this can be extracted from the API as it exposes the raw FPS message.

Legacy banks don’t appear to send this detail in their FPS messages, and from what I remember in the spec, it is only required for transactions not originating in the same country.

Yep here we go:

Field 117 - Originating customers account address. Optional/Mandatory. N.B. Mandatory for payments originating overseas under FATF regulations


You want access to other peoples home addresses? Any reason?

(Matt Heath) #11

Just to confirm - Metrobank do send us the originating customer’s address, we’ve just chosen not to show this information to customers in our app :calling:

As I mentioned above, and @uncle_fungus has alluded to, this is part of the Faster Payment specification; I’ve not checked how other banks do this, but it was part of the FPS certification process we went through. I also suspect that the raw messages won’t be in the API for much longer. Hope that helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Andrew Schofield) #12

HSBC definitely don’t send the address in their FPS messages FWIW
Edit: Add Halifax to that list

(Adam) #13

any update to this?


Pure curiosity - if something affects my account I want to have access to all information about that item, including sender’s address if present.


I get the full name and address of the sender on all SEPA credit transfers I receive, so I see no reason why I should not have similar with FPS transfers.


I also suspect that the raw messages won’t be in the API for much longer

Why is that? What’s the harm in leaving them there?

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