Show how transaction was made (eg: Apple/Google Pay, contactless, chip & PIN etc...)

I think it would be good when you make a payment by card, apple pay or google pay it shows up on the transaction showing how it was paid.

+1 for this.

My Barclaycard app shows when I’ve made a contactless payment with the contactless logo next to the amount. No reason why Monzo couldnt show the different options…


No reason why we couldn’t, all the metadata is there. It’s been more of a design decision to not show it in the app and treat all transactions similarly, no matter how they were made. :slightly_smiling_face:


Why? I don’t see how that would have much benefit to anyone? A nice to have for sure, it’s a nice touch but would it be useful for something?

I’d rather the “round-up” icon was added to transactions on the joint account. It displays for solo accounts but there’s no support for joint accounts still

As I like to look back on how I paid by Apple Pay it contactless.

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This can be quite useful for diagnosing problems. For example, I once went away without my wallet (stupid I know) but then looked back and wondered how I’d made card purchases during that time. Only later did I remember that it was Google Pay.

Personally, I’d like a small indicator indicator at the bottom of the transaction screen. Maybe below where the raw transaction description is, a simple line saying “Card Payment ending 1234” or “Fit Bit Pay”?


I like this idea, be good if the device name (or similar) is available to display … or at least to say whether it’s the same device the app is on … or watch/phone differentiation.


This would be great and would fit nicely in the transaction details screen.

It would be best if the transaction method is shown for all types of transactions:

  • Chip & PIN.

  • Contactless.

  • Apple/Google Pay.

  • Swipe.

  • Online.


In the Starling app it tells me whether a transaction was by contactless card, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, etc. Can be handy if you don’t recognise something, helps to jog your memory.


Exactly this. Would give you a little peace of mind.


Awesome idea. Maybe there could be a little icon somewhere in each feed item!

I’m against having an icon in the feed - don’t want to make the feed too cluttered - but having the information in the transaction details would be useful.


That’s fair enough! Would be cool to sort by transaction type too / get a breakdown of how much was spent with which method.


I admire your optimism :wink:


With the upcoming SCA changes - Monzo Labs: Improved Card Security

This would definitely be something to help give you a heads up as to whether your next contactless transaction is going to be declined.


Please bring this feature. This is something Lloyds has, and it helps me identify charges I am may question as fraudulent.

If I can see the transaction was made with cardholder device verification or Chip and pin I know it was me

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I’ve had some transactions that have either been contactless or chip and pin show up as online (work canteen and parking meters)


I’d prefer this information not to clutter up the feed, but it could belong in a downloadable statement?