Does Monzo share my purchases with Google?

When I make a purchase with my Monzo card, there is a Google maps button showing the location of the store I bought something at.

My question is, does this make any calls to Google from my device or are the queries for my location linked in any way to Google at this point?

I assume that when it gets a new location it just queries Google Maps server side (without any personal information) and just produces an image to show on the app which launches Google Maps when clicked. But I just wanted to double check if this is the case? If that is a Google widget/iFrame then it means that the information of where I just shopped is being shared with Google.


I think that this information comes from the merchant, because it is often hundreds of miles out, for no apparent reason.


It will just be calling google for a map location with the address of the place you bought something from. That in its self isn’t linked to you.

Assuming your using and android phone, have google maps installed, or any other google service installed with access to gps or bluetooth, then google will have your location from that tied to your identity and may be able to link your purchase to your google account when they feel the need if the merchant information is accurate.

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Well, I have location and Bluetooth turned off at most times. The question though is whether it’s doing any of this client side. If it’s making a query to Google from my phone (e.g. show me a map with a point at these coordinates) then Google will be able to link that to me. If, however, they make that query on their servers and render an image for me, then all that Google will know is that some Monzo user just made a purchase at this location.

google also use wifi and other services for location tracking, sometimes these (on android) are always on even if you turn them off.

This isn’t strictly true. Google is in the business of profiling people to sell data for money via ads. They’ll just link that data to a profile that matches. Its not that hard to do with enough data. They don’t need to know who the data belongs to, they just need enough of it to accurately match it to someone, they get plenty of that via your phone if you have an android phone or have a phone with google services installed.

All that is true, Google has a lot of ways to track people. Especially on Android (which is what I have). But I’m still trying to take some steps to at least make it harder for them to track everything I do online and in real life.

Keep in mind that as long as you have a phone on you then your trackable. But its a balance. If you really want to minimus your exposure to profiling by google and Facebook, best bet is to not use what they provide (including andoird of any variant).

It depends on your goal really.

No, the map data is stored on their systems against the merchant (alongside the name, logo etc) and that’s what they are showing you. Nothing to do with your own phones location data.


Why the facepalm @Cerberus?

Think of it this way - you can leave your phone at home, make a payment with your card, then go home and the app will show you where you made the purchase.

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Also remember the retailer is probably profiling you using the long number on your card as your unique identifier.

People who refuse to use a Clubcard but pay with a bank card still get a profile on Tesco’s system, for example.

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Does the retailer see the long number? Or is it just the payment processor?

They can see your full card number, also most acquirers show nearly the full number on their portal so retailers can find transactions to refund and see decline reasons etc.


Not when using Apple or Google Pay they won’t :wink:

Yes true,

But they can still build a profile of you based on the virtual card number on Google pay which doesn’t change often.

It is printed on merchant receipts :slight_smile:

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Only if configured that way. Unless absolutely necessary, merchants should be masking the PAN. And if they don’t, I hope they’re locking those receipts away!

I’m sure Google or Monzo, or anyone else for that matter could analyse my spending and work out I spend too much on beer and takeaways. Nothing to hide here…

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How much info do you think Google already collect every time you use your Monzo card with Google Pay???

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