Change Organisation associated with a payment

Many online sites - particularly businesses like takeaways, but also some online stores - use generic payment processing companies to handle their payments.

Mondo identifies these payments as being directly to the payment processing company - which is probably correct from a technical point of view, because there’s unlikely to be any further information as to the actual source. At the moment, users can only report that an organisation’s info is incorrect - that’s not going to be true in this sort of case - or add a note to a payment, which isn’t really helpful when browsing through spending.

It therefore might be helpful if users can manually override the organisation associated with a payment so that they can see the “correct” information in their payment history, rather than the generic payment processing company.


In this example, are you seeing any identifying information in the small, grey text at the bottom of the details view? If so, get that merchant information corrected. If not then that may be an issue to look at further.

In this particular case, the payment provider was - they’re clearly a generic payment processing company, and there’s nothing on the payment to indicate who the actual restaurant was. I don’t think there’s really anything to correct here - nominally, the information is correct (it’s just not who I was actually trying to pay!)

Mondo seems to cope absolutely fine with PayPal, so I’m guessing it’s just down to the amount of information that the payment processor is actually going to provide.

Then that is indeed something the Mondo team should know about and maybe raised with that payment provider.

Mondo copes fine with PayPal as they report back something to the effect of “PAYPAL *[COMPANYNAME] Luxembourg LUX” last time I looked. It sounds like it’s up to this provider to do similar.

Yeah - it would be nice if they did. But I guess we can’t expect every provider to bend to Mondo’s will (as much as we might like it :slight_smile:), so any feature that can make the experience better for users when a payee doesn’t provide useful information seems like a useful addition.

There are also organisations that are identified by an incomplete name, presumably as a result of how they are registered (is there a 22 character limit?) and it would be nice to be able to replace that with a longer, more complete display string whilst using the registered name in the background. Other organisations identify branches by number and, though Monzo identifies the location for us, it would still be nice to replace the number with a more meaningful description.

I’m guessing you’re an Android user? Here’s more on the process for reporting incorrect merchant details on Android -

It’s a fair question but as far as I know, there’s no character limit - that would not sit well with Simon’s complaints about the legacy banks limitations.