Change CVV code of existing card?

I gave my card info including number, expiry, name and cvv in my stupidity to a guy from virgin media to make a payment to virgin media to get broadband connection. The payment went to virgin media and he setup my virgin media connection and everything else.

But now I am not comfortable with what I did and have transferred money to my wife.

I was wondering if there is a way to change CVV? My account is setup with bills etc already and I don’t want another card number. Changing CVV will be good enough.

No there’s no way to do that

What makes you uncomfortable? It was clearly legit as it’s all been set up now


Without giving that information you wouldn’t have been able to make the payment. It’s fine.

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Surely you have used your CVV in the past?

It’s not stupid at all. You have to hand this information over. That’s what it is for.

You gave it to a legitimate company and you’ve got what you paid for. It wasn’t a bloke in the pub. You’re fine.