Rotating CVV (Similar to New Apple Card feature)

Slight repost from a topic in 2016 but it’s had no activity so…

I realise this will be difficult as every card already has a printed CVV already but I wonder how easy it would be for customers to opt into not having this number printed on their card and having the number change after every transaction? Or when a user requests? And only be able to view the number it in the app.

I’m lead to believe subscriptions would be unaffected as they tend to only use the CVV in the first instance anyway.

I would hope a measure like this would drastically reduce card fraud. Obviously there’s app verification needed for most transactions nowadays but not all websites use this.

Slightly OT, but I’m not sure the CVV is required for card purchases. It just costs the merchant more if they don’t request it. Amazon, for instance, doesn’t ask for a CVV

Sounds unnecessarily complex.

Just use virtual cards if you want changeable / disposable card details :slight_smile:


I’m sure a staff member said a while back that actually it’ll have to be asked for by all merchants under new regulations. If I find the post I’ll link to it, but I’m off bed so will search tomorrow.