✅ Address to pay in cheques


App store claims address for paying in cheques has changed

Details to reproduce:

Access help article for paying in cheques still shows old address

OS: Android 10
Device: Pocophone F1
App Version: 3.34.0


I can’t actually see any instructions for paying in cheques in the app - apart from the help pages.

The address under Account has changed to Broadwalk House but that page is not related to paying in cheques

If you swipe down on your account, hit the Add Money button, hit the Cheques item, then you get the default FREEPOST MONZO. But, hit the Instructions for high value cheques item at the bottom and you get a popup item telling you the new address.

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I don’t have an add money button - I think as I have an active new card button instead - but if that is the reason it’s poor ux from Monzo and if they are updating the app with the address, surely makes sense to update the help articles at the same time.

Especially as they want more customers to root l rely on the help pages by making the help button harder to find

A blog post went up yesterday to say they’ve moved offices as of the 26th, the help articles now also include the new address and they’ve confirmed there’s a 6 month postal redirection in place

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Can’t see it under the Blogs section on the website

Got a link?

Ah it didn’t quite go into the blogs section that’s why, I just read it via Facebook and assumed it was on the blogs bit, link is below

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