You’re clutching at straws now.

I’m sorry it’s not the answer you want but there is no way to get around the fact that you need to go to the store to get the answer you want.


Ok fair enough I will :slight_smile:

Got it off Argos instead, rather get it brand new, much easier

So why the stress about CEX?

I’d pay over and above to never have to go in there!

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Wanted to cut my losses and trade in some old xbox games. I just remembered I bought a dodgy controller from them before. I think ordog is right in saying it’s only second hand ( i think )

Either way it’s coming tomorrow so can relax now

My spidey senses are detecting more angst tomorrow.

Do you know what time it’s coming?


Yes a 3 hr time window, they’ve never let me down before

I even bought something from them last week at it was same day and came 2 hours later

Good Luck :wink:

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This thread has won the pointless thread of the month award


Once again, another rollercoaster ride! What a thread!

Glad you got the game you wanted.

From my experience offloading stuff a CeX their system is quite good (they get quotes from it before even taking your stuff in) so I’m assuming anything dropped off at their shop immediately gets published on their site. If their site says they don’t have it in stock then I’m inclined to believe them.

Although you can’t find phone numbers for the stores individually, I did speak to their team on Twitter when I was trying to track down a hard to find item and they were really helpful! They contacted the local store for me and once they found it was in stock they asked them to pop it aside for me so it wasn’t sold while I travelled down. Worth tweeting them if you use Twitter and you’re keen to get it from cex specifically :blush:


Thanks :+1:t3:
Yes I did contact them on twitter and was told the phones they have are only internal

Next time I’ll contact them on twitter


What about Game? They do trade-ins, probably click & collect too.

Thanks for all the input guys. I checked cex and the stock checker was accurate as they didn’t have it in. So I traded my old games in for money on my cex card.

Got splatoon 2 in the end off argos for the same price of it being second hand in Game

Do they load voucher credit on your membership card now?

Whenever I sold anything to them I was given paper vouchers, although the last time was probably a few years ago now.

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Nope your right mate
The guy didn’t explain it to me at all

It’s just a paper receipt. I think the cex card is just for your details to save them typing them in each time you trade stuff

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