Caxton FX

Anyone had issues with Caxton FX?

I wanted to close my Caxton FX card the other day. I haven’t used it in about 3 years.
When I logged into my online account it showed I had a negative balance of £34 (it’s a pre paid card).
Anyway I emailed them regardless, they came back and said it can’t be closed until I pay off the negative amount.
But… for some reason my account has no transaction history… I asked them for proof of the transaction and what the merchant is but they have no clue or record :sweat_smile:.
They are trying to find out if their card issuer has any information now :roll_eyes:.
Just seems a bit… unprofessional?


I’ve a distinct feeling you won’t find yourself coughing up that £34. :thinking:


I’m fairly confident this will also be the case :slight_smile:

At one point they told me they don’t keep history past 6 months! No idea where they got that from.


Of course, I’d pay it as a goodwill gesture…but that’s me :grinning: