Caxton FX vs Monzo

Anyone on here use or have used a Caxton FX card abroad recently?

I’m slightly unsure if the exchange rates are better with Caxton or Monzo.

Caxton is offering worse then the interbank rate at the moment, Mastercard rate tends to track the Interbank.

£1/$1.19 on Caxton GBP to Dollar

The rate today has been circa £1/$1.22

Monzo will be cheaper to use abroad.

We are going to Denmark and Sweden and having looked at the rates I agree that Monzo is looking better as Caxton take a significant commission.

The only plus side of Caxton is I can buy the currency now and if the exchange rate falls I have saved money. Although arguably it’s likely not going to be all that much difference.

Didn’t realise that Mastercard track the interbank rate so that useful information.

If this is what you are looking for, then why not Revolut that offers the interbank rate?

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To be honest, I wasn’t aware Revolut offer the interbank rate. I didn’t really get Monzo for currencies, but now I have it just weighing up my options.

I use the TransferWise Borderless Account for buying currency in advance, used it before abroad without any issues

Doesn’t TransferWise charge to change currency in advance?

They do but not much as you think, but I do find their customer service way better than Revolut

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Wouldn’t go near Caxton, I’ve had a few issues with them in the past