CASS switch not brought over OD


My partner has switched her personal account to Monzo - and despite a message saying the transfer is complete - her OD from her old account hasn’t migrated to Monzo, despite having an available OD in Monzo big enough to cover it.

She’s started a chat with Monzo, but it’s been half an hour with no reply (not a good first impression for her first attempt at contacting support).

She’s done a CASS before with retail banks, and ODs have transferred fine - so this seems to be a monzo issue?


I saw that when transferring our joint account (which makes sense, as there are no ODs on joint account), but she obviously did the transfer for her solo account so I don’t know if she saw that message or not.

Either way, she’s done a CASS before where ODs have been brought across fine, so why is Monzo an exception to this?

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Monzo’s rules. They don’t have to inherit the debt if they don’t want to is what I’d assume?

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Well it’s broad as it is long, because when the letter from the bank comes to pay the overdraft, she’ll just use her monzo OD to pay it - it’s just created an extra annoying step

Not everyone is eligible for an overdraft, I think you’re in fairly bespoke circumstances. Definitely first I’ve read about it.

Blog here:

She’s already got an approved Monzo OD though - so the money is there - and as I said before, with a CASS switch, as long as you have been approved for an OD the same size or bigger than the old bank, it’s never been a problem. If Monzo want to be taken seriously as a bank, they need to handle this stuff the same way an old bank does

I would imagine its the difference between a soft and hard credit search on account opening, which is not desirable for most people.

That doesn’t make any sense though, because as I said we had the OD pre-approved with Monzo before starting the switch to make sure we could move the OD over.

Thanks for the blog post, seems a limitation with Monzo for some reason - It’s just a PITA really, it doesn’t put us in financial problems as we’ll use the monzo OD to pay her old bank, but it’s just an annoying extra step - her old account has disappeared from online banking, so we can’t transfer the money over and sort it now, wish we’d have known this before today as we could have used the monzo od to pay her current OD before it disappeared

I got the we don’t switch the overdraft message when I did my CASS so it’s definitely there

It is possible my partner didn’t read it properly :slight_smile: - I suppose we just assumed it would work like a standard CASS

FYI none of my overdrafts have ever Cass’d and I’ve done it multiple times, It’s not been standard in my experience.

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Odd - it worked fine when she switched from Natwest to Nationwide a few years ago

I switched Lloyds to NatWest to FD and it didn’t carry through to either. I haven’t been a heavy OD user since my student days (and maybe a year or so after!) so I’ve never really needed it!

Maybe @simonb could provide further info as to why Monzo don’t switch over?

Just a bit annoyed it’s been over an hour and no-one from monzo has acknowledged her chat - it’s fine if we know the situation, just sad I have to go to a forum to get the answer rather than their own support.

It’s not live chat, so it can take a little while to get support.

There’s a number on the back of the card if you require urgent support.

It’s heavily implied to be live chat - and Monzo beat First Direct who were known to answer within a few rings (admittedly have slipped recently though), so it’s not unreasonable to expect a bit more, no?

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It’s not unreasonable to expect more. It should be far better, but it’s pretty terrible at the moment and has been for a while. Hopefully they’ll sort it out sooner than later but in the mean time there’s not much you can do but wait. Can try to cal but lines are normally busy.

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On the plus side at least you’re not stuck on the phone in a queue.

Crack on with the rest of your day, relax, and you’ll get a notification when someone picks up the chat. I’m sure it won’t be long :slight_smile:

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