CASS - Payees


Just wondering does the switch include transferring your Payees?

Hello :wave: Nope, it does not.


But I think they should. missing a trick.

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Wouldn’t be a bad thing if it’s possible. Turn this into a suggestion and I’ll vote on it :slight_smile:

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Ah no worries - I ask because on the timeline it does say payees

Ohhh maybe it does then. It never moved mine though :confused: Let us know if it works.

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Will do :slight_smile:

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@Ordog is wrong. The correct answer is: Yes, it does (unless monzo don’t do it properly, but I have no reason to believe that is the case)

See also step 3 in this document:

Your saved Payee details for internet and telephone banking will also be transferred over.


I’ve switched accounts several times, although not to Monzo, and payees have always been transferred to my new bank.

Looks like the ‘solution’ needs to be switched to @Dwarf. I’ve never understood how that function works, but hopefully someone does.

Is that right?

I thought CASS - Payees - #8 by Dwarf was right?

confused now.

Support have said: (so I’ll wait and see)

The following types of payment arrangement are switched to the new account:
• Direct Debits
• Direct Credits (salary)
• Standing orders
• Future Dates Payments
• Payees
:rotating_light:Card subscriptions (e.g. Netflix or iTunes) will not move across

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So just to update

The payees do transfer over :slight_smile: